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  1. Anyone else get the feeling this could come back to haunt us ala Cahill? Hope we get at least £2m and a 25/30% sell on clause, just the sort of player you could see having a blinding season and being a target for lower Premier League teams for £10m+ next summer.
  2. Sidmon

    John Terry

    Think they're old pals from both their Walsall days.
  3. Understanding was when we bought Hourihane despite him being out of contract soon was worth way more than we paid. Barnsley were keen to avoid losing money on his sell on clause to Plymouth Argyle so we agreed to load the money on the Bree deal in order to keep Barnsley sweet. To be fair Bree was a quite highly rated youngster at the time and I think his stats for Luton while he's been on load (especially given they've been struggling) have been very good. Fingers crossed we don't give up on him too soon only to see him become another Lowton. Kid could at the very least act as a go
  4. Great fine, and is it me or is the keeper wearing gloves?
  5. Sidmon

    Dean Smith

    Born in Liverpool due to his mum I believe, but moved to Brum when very young so definitely a Brummie.
  6. Sidmon

    Dean Smith

    Big Ron was a Lea Village lad who supported us as a youth and played for the youth team. Said it was his calling to manage us when he took over in 1991.
  7. Promoted Swansea and played some good football but the foundations were laid by Martinez and Sousa, leaves for Liverpool and inherits Suarez and a rejuvenated Gerrard and finishes second which is probably a career high. For every Coutinho he bought there's a Markovic and Illori or Ballotelli (though admit heard Mario was forced on him), remember Lambert's Norwich playing Rodger's Swansea and Lambo totally out thinking him. Wouldn't be a bad appointment by any means, but don't understand the hype and the potential compensation costs involved could be huge.
  8. Genuinely intrigued by the enthusiasm for Rodgers, he has managed Celtic during a time where their fiercest rivals have been recovering from a financial meltdown. On that basis surely Gordon Strachan and Neil Lennon are sensible candidates also?
  9. Always going to be a contentious argument but given the amount of games he's been given to perform, it's hard to argue against him being one of, if not THE worst signing we've made (and let's be honest, that's an accolade that has many candidates!). Balaban and Kachloul were never given the game time that N'Zogbia has hence the theory that he has been a worser signing. Whether those two were ever worth the game time is another argument but N'Zogbia has been given it and has never really justified it with the little he's given on the pitch. My only concern is when he signed many Villa fans want
  10. Three of them are ex-Villa! David James was a surprise, he always seemed to have his head screwed on....although this would go some way to explain why he was playing in Iceland! http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/29896728
  11. Not sure if he lives in Milan but what if Randy was talking to Marcello Lippi about our job? There ain't many managers in the world with a better record than his!
  12. I think a fairer assessment of KM's abilities would be after 5 or so games, but so far everyone can't help but be impressed. The thing I would say is that for him to take the job permanently I'd imagine he might prefer to have someone experienced in a Director of Football roll above him which Sven would potentially be ideal for. KM and Sid overseeing the team day to day training and on matchday's and Sven negotiating and scouting new talent.
  13. SSN has just confirmed Tommy Hitzlsberger has joined Wet Spam for an undisclosed fee. Not sure about everyone else but if his transfer fee and wages were reasonable I'd have liked him back as back up, think he'd be more effective than Sidwell has been. :cry:
  14. I'll throw another name into the ring.....Simon Kjaer the new Martin Laursen.
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