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  1. Terry can eat Mitrovic if he wants to and we could unleash the Bearded Beast on Cairney! Fulham's best 3 players gobbled up right there. Job done.
  2. Needs to do a man marking job on Sessegnon, as he did such a fantastic job with Billy Whizz over 180 minutes. If the kid switches sides then Hutton follows, simples.
  3. Deserves the keys to the city keeping Billy Whizz quiet for 180 minutes and perhaps a massage!
  4. Just got in and heard the news. Terrible, terrible tragedy and RIP Jlloyd. Thoughts are with his family.
  5. Best thing for him now would be to publicly apologise to the fans. Not for any lack of effort but for the way he walked away at the end and failed to acknowledge the travelling support. If he did this and said he's ready for Tuesday I'd give him a place on the bench, if not, then his place should be filled by Davis.
  6. Would still start the next game for me! Kodjia is still probably walking home and I wouldn't want Hogan starting. I would consider having Davis on the bench though in place of one of the other two.
  7. If we go up, he should be given another year. Useful cover in both fullback positions and I presume a likeable character to have in the squad. He is the Scottish Cafu after all.
  8. Get well soon Sir Alex! Wish I could say he was a relative of mine, but sadly he isn't.
  9. Whatever league we start in next season, i'd like Grabban to be part of our squad. Has a poachers instinct for sure and something we could've done with all this season.
  10. Hi mate, think they were around £30-£35 still. Didn't really look as was looking at kids stuff. No doubt they'll drop further soon.
  11. Went to the club shop this afternoon and bought the full away strip for my daughter. £12 for the full strip, which I thought was pretty decent. She's just started doing football training on a Saturday morning with her older brother and bloody loves it. Anyway, whilst there I spoke with a manager and she said the new kit supplier is known and will be announced within the next 2/3 weeks. I said is it "Luke" and she laughed and said "don't believe everything you hear on twitter". I couldn't tell if she was covering or not? If the wife hadn't of been with me i may have been able to apply some Ferguson charm, but i was on the leash unfortunately.
  12. Chester - been Mr Consistent all season. Special mention for Davis too, who has done very well in his first full season around the first team. Best goal - Grealish v Cardiff, but i also love watching the Snodgrass winner away at Sheff Utd.
  13. Having Grealish and Terry fully fit for the playoffs will be difference between success and failure I reckon. They are so important.
  14. Should pull his socks up! Who's he think he is anyway, Steve Claridge!! Grealish out
  15. Would a manager like this attract a Terry and/or a Snodgrass to the club though? Doubt it.
  16. Time to 'box clever' between now and any play off games! Rest and rotate some key players, give Kodjia some game time and work out our best eleven. Huddersfield did something similar last year and it worked for them. It's hard to accept performances like the last three, but we need to get behind the team still and we might just go up by the skin of our teeth.
  17. Steve Walsh and Terry Hurlock
  18. Mick Harford and Jimmy Case. Reserve, Stuart Pearce.
  19. You can also bet O'Shea and Cattermole like a pint before a game by the way they play. Thank goodness Xia bought us out when he did or we would be in a similar or worse position.
  20. Have to agree totally with your last paragraph mate. If we fail to go up, then a change of manager is required. He will of failed. I hate the bloke, but I honestly think that Warnock would find a way of getting us up. Bruce had no excuse this season and may still achieve our goal (via the play offs), but he does anger the fans somewhat with some baffling decisions. Yesterday was play ground stuff, playing four strikers and no real supply, apart from hoof ball to them. Embarrassing.
  21. Jonathan Hogg, still only 29 and has made 22 appearances in the Premier League this season.
  22. Regardless of which league we're in next season, I'd take Dawson off them. Very underrated defender.
  23. Don't think I've ever cared less about two England games and a World Cup as I do right now. The current England squad is nowhere near good enough to do anything significant at a major tournament, but also where's the flare? Who's the player that can get you out of your seat? Gazza at Italia 90, Owen at France 98 - we just don't have that exciting and unknown talent in the squad. Boring England.
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