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  1. This would be my worry for next season too! It's going to be tough enough without increased competition.
  2. Quite simply lazy and doesn't care! Thanks for some good memories but now needs to sit in the stands and go at the end of the season.
  3. His crapness is totally infectious to the rest! What a twonk!!
  4. Would not be sorry to see him walk now.
  5. Has to be replaced by Okore in the next match and for the remainder of the season!
  6. Yep, couldn't agree more with this! Should be the first two out the door in the summer, closely followed by at least five or six others. I still think of that Laursen and Mellberg partnership - now those two were polar opposites in every way.
  7. Can't disagree with any of the post above to be honest. Richards is quite simply a terrible club captain and must be such a poor influence on the rest of the squad. Petty of me here I know, but the fact he chews gum during games really bugs me too, smacks of cockiness and arrogance. As I said in my previous post in this thread, our first signing in the summer needs to be our new captain! Again, I am really not sure who or what position but we need a real leader and someone that sets an example to the rest. Quite simply, we so lack a Barry, Petrov etc
  8. Here, here and spot on! Thank you again to you and all those involved!! Standing still won't change anything and momentum is key as you quite rightly say. UTV and OTDO74.
  9. I do agree with this I really do but as I said above and on page 410, does Garde actually have a pattern of play and idea of how he wants to see us play now and next season? Really starting to have doubts about him to be honest. Yes I would like to see Lyden, possibly Mason and Sellars etc introduced but then again are they ready for it?
  10. Whilst I agree with you to a point about planning now for next year, it is difficult if firstly you arn't sure who may remain within your playing staff? All well and good a player saying "I want to stay" but if good offers are received we will take them, make no mistake about that! Secondly, the current manager may not be here, either because he walks or the club have a change of heart about him. Just too many if's and but's I'm afraid to make any real plans.
  11. The club is just rotten isn't it and do agree with you Woodytom. The problem is not just with the board, manager etc. I'm not even sure who a good influence is amongst our playing staff? Who is vocal and leads in the dressing room? Who is vocal and leads on the pitch? If I was a young player coming through who would I want to influence me? Players with experience, know how and have seen it and done it. Richards, Lescott, Hutton, Gabby - no thanks! No wonder we are a mess!! I only wish we could have a jumble sale in June but realistically that's not going to happen. However, first signing I would want to make in the summer should be our new captain! Not sure who or what position but someone that is an influence to the rest and a good one at that.
  12. The table doesn't lie does it! Best team finishes top, worst team finishes bottom and quite simply we are the worst team. Whether it be Garde in charge or someone else, I still think we would be going down as this team is just so mentally weak. As I have said in the Garde thread, my concern now is whether Garde is the man to bring us back?
  13. First time I have ever left a Villa game before the end and in all honestly felt pleased that I did! Even missing a bloody goal. A good number seemed to leave for what I could see. Fantastic achievement from all those involved and to think that this was only an idea week or so ago - well done guys!!
  14. Have to say that changing your managers regularly is usually a recipe for disaster but I am now starting to doubt that Garde is the right man to significantly change the culture of the team etc. There were glimpses after Christmas (especially after Wycombe) that he may have finally got his philosophy and ideas across but we generally look as clueless now as we did last year. Can fully understand if Okore cannot play three games in a week but why then revert to three at the back? Midfield huff and puff but create nothing and we have a forward line that is just toothless! I just don't see how we are trying to play? Also, I hadn't realised until a bloke behind me said tonight that we had finally got our first corner in three games!! Now i'm sure Garde knows most of the players are simply not good enough but surely we should now see improvements across the pitch and a pattern of play to take us forward next season? We have to question the training methods and are the players simply not getting the approach suggested or do they not want to hear it from Garde? Sorry for the rant here guys but I am just fed up of coming away from a game so annoyed at our short comings. Most weeks, including tonight I feel the opposition arn't even that great either but they simply find a way of scoring two/three goals against us. I have fully accepted that we are going down but now worry that Garde is not the man to bring us back!
  15. Toasties! Love them to be honest but hate cleaning the bloody toastie maker afterwards. Had a ham and cheese one tonight but do like to put some Branston pickle in sometimes as well. Have to let it cool though otherwise it can strip the skin off your lips!
  16. Can I ask and apologies if this has already been addressed previously but in what manner do people think we should leave the stadium at the 74th minute? I was discussing this with my father last night and we both agreed that fans getting out of their seats and walking out in more or less silence has a far greater impact, then leaving the ground singing/chanting. What does everybody else think? Additionally, listening to some of you talk to Stan last night, wouldn't it be great for publicity if Stan just put his headphones down during commentary and walked out with us on Tuesday. I for one would shake his hand outside if he did. He would of course be allowed to go back in at the final whistle to host his post match show! Good on DDID and DK82 talking on the show last night by the way, real feeling and passion there!! Ps Please don't anyone suggest leaving in a 'Conga' style departure! Although, I would want to be the one photographed behind Deadly Doug if we did though
  17. I have given this some serious thought, was at the Liverpool game and stayed to the very end, as hate to leave early at any game I attend etc. However, we all know the club is broken and reading this thread over the last week or so, listening to 'Call Collymore' tonight, has made me finally realise that something has to be done doesn't it? I am therefore supporting this because I said in another thread somewhere, at some point I would like to take my 4 year old in the future to a game and I don't wish him to suffer the dross that we are currently being served. My dad, who sadly can no longer attend games due to age/health etc, said to me tonight that nothing changes in life son standing still and that struck a chord also with me (literally). I once owned shares in this once beautiful football club, currently am and have been a season ticket holder for a while now but I won't be one next year sadly, for one reason or another, so am happy to join whilst I can! Can't see how this will damage us any further either!!
  18. ferguson1

    Adama Traore

    This! No way he will play in the Championship. Someone better than us will take a punt on him surely.
  19. Think he is a decent squad player to have around next season but not a regular starter surely?
  20. Having had a season ticket for the last 9 years I am now done I think for the time being and will pick and choose my home/away games next season. It will be absolutely gut wrenching to give up my seat though! My decision is partly down to finances but not giving anymore of my hard earned money to people who I believe are not providing value is a reasonable way to act as well. Supporting the club is a lifelong even generational thing for people and I can still support the team from home like my dad does. I can't wait though to take my four year old son eventually but I would at least like him to be entertained a bit.
  21. His follow up comments are unforgivable for me and would rather see Clark take his place for the remainder of the season. Real shame coming from a fan of the club.
  22. Would agree with this. May as well give Lyden some experience and take Bacuna out of the firing line. Lack of quality is truly killing us!
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