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  1. The wife wants a Lamb Bacuna and I'll have a Hutton Vindaloo.
  2. Inheanacho of Man City to Leicester according to the BBC. I read transfers like this with sadness as it should be us dealing with these type of players. We were in the mix not so long ago with Everton, Spurs and now Leicester . Hope we get beck soon and do these type of deals again.
  3. Just seen this as well. Not saying he's a bad player, but 20m is just crazy. Football gone mad.
  4. Hope family and friends of the victims can at last feel that justice has been served with this decision. Terrible tragedy and one not fully appreciated by me at the time as I was only 14. All I cared about back then was football and I can't imagine the feeling of going to a game with my son now and returning home without him? Terrible waste of life. RIP to the 96.
  5. Forgetting Terry for a moment, would anyone take Morgan or Huth from Leicester if they sign two new centre backs this summer. Rumour is they want to replace both of them. Personally, I would take either of them over Terry.
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    I know what you're thinking - Ikea! Awful place at weekends
  7. Terrible news and just watched his Newcastle goal in the 4-4 draw with Arsenal on the BBC website. Spectacular. RIP
  8. Good shout and to be honest, we could do a lot worse than look at the current England under 21 squad. Surely, one or two gettable players and/or one or two clever loans to be had.
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    Just heard the news at Wolves. Would anyone like to see Tony Daley down ours? Think he was head of sports science. Don't know if he's good in that area, but loved watching him burst down our wings back in the day. Nostalgia playing a part here for sure.
  10. Sorry, hadn't realised that my original post had gone on! Mobile for you. Must have happened when in my pocket
  11. Alex Bruce informed by Hull on Twitter today that he'll be released this summer. He wasn't aware until the Hull post apparently. Don't know how to link the tweet or his comeback to it though. Lack of class from Hull here I think. Welcome Alex
  12. Alex Bruce informed by Hull on Twitter today that he'll be released this summer. He wasn't aware until the Hull post apparently. Don't know how to link the tweet or his comeback though. Welcome Alex
  13. Pretty daft thing to say! I obviously don't know Defoe personally, but it is very commendable and decent of him to support a very poorly child and his family.
  14. Naan Kebab this evening. 3 meats, mixed salad, chilli and mayo. £5.00 quality.
  15. Great thread this Xela, love some of the choices. Right then: 3x albums Oasis - What's the story, Oasis - Time Flies, a Take That album ( just to remember the wife). Hell no, what am I thinking? Third album - The complete Stone Roses. 3x books Paul McGrath - Back from the brink, Andy McNab - Bravo Two Zero, Bear Grylls - A survival guide ( I would definitely need it). 3 x Films Can i choose box sets/trilogies? If so, it would be Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones box set and Harry Potter box set. If this is cheating and I can only have stand alone films it would be: The Great Escape, The 39 Steps (1959 Kenneth More version), The Empire Strikes Back. 1x tv boxset The X-Files - complete set. Hours of entertainment. 1x extra entertainment object Top of the range metal detector. Always fancied one and know that I wouldn't look stupid using it on an island on my own! But, if we can take a fantasy female celeb.......can we make it a five year experiment?
  16. You can bet 'arry down the road from us knows this!
  17. I have really liked the look of Abraham this season and think he would be fantastic, but with the season he's just had I wonder if the Premiership now beckons for him? Obviously not a Chelsea first teamer, but with an Albion, Watford, West Ham type club? He would be great signing on loan though, if gettable?
  18. Some suggestions that I thought of on the way home either on loan or a cheeky offer: G/K: Vorm, Pantilimon and obviously Johnstone. DEF: Morgan or Huth (rumours that Leicester are looking to upgrade both according to Talkshite). Delaney at Palace or could we be so bold and enquire about Shawcross at Stoke? MID: Charlie Adam, David Meyler, Barry (could we?). Loftus-Cheek or Chalobah on loan. Tried to think of a creative/skilful winger, but struggled. Mind went back to Ashley Young. There is that Sinclair bloke at Celtic that could be worth a look. FOR: Isaac Success or Tammy Abraham on loan? Frazier Campbell (not sure on this one and forgot all about him until someone mentioned him today). Dream would be Assombalonga though.
  19. Craig Gardner - what a thick tool he is and not a particularly good footballer either.
  20. Blues fans are class people???? Them lot down the road that I won't even name???? Official website interview too, dear oh dear. Jog on Craig you idiot.
  21. All white away kit with black trim around, inc sponsor in black and black crest etc. It's really cool in my head.
  22. Not that we'd get him, but I'd take Defoe in a heart beat. Kodjia and Defoe together would get 30+ goals easily in a season. Pipe dream though I suppose, as Defoe will probably end up back at Wet Spam.
  23. I am 42 years of age with 2 young children. Puts things very much into perspective. Thanks for some great memories, RIP big man.
  24. Hope he is back this weekend or very soon. Just love seeing a winger down Villa Park that goes past people. Morley, Walters, Birch, Daley, Yorke, Young, to name a few i've seen and it gets people out of their seat and the crowd going. 18 years of age and looks to have a great future ahead of him.
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