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  1. Thanks again mate for the snippets that you are able to provide. The one thing I don't get with this takeover and the announcement yesterday and excuse me for being a bit "thick", but why invest now? Wouldn't we have gotten into a far worse position over the next few days/weeks etc, whereby the price for investment would have been better for them? Would there have been a good reason to act/invest at this point? I was thinking was it avoid certain player sales etc? Any information you can give here would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yep, doable! Let's get her posting on VT as the new "general".
  3. So Leicester sign Danny Ward from Liverpool for 12.5m as second choice keeper or is Kasper leaving? Football really is broken when you think Liverpool's new keeper is worth more than Aston Villa!
  4. So when does his "General" arrive and start posting on VT ?
  5. What's the betting Dwight Yorke's CV is already in the post! ? Let's bring Gareth home I say!!!!!!
  6. Hopefully we can get the Marney deal over the line!
  7. How dare they put Brian Little last - Sawiris and Edens out! Don't they realise Brian Little walks on the Nile, sorry water!
  8. Thanks for recent posts mate and the scary realisation post about Administration. Will we here in the next week or so how bad things were (officially) and how they plan to put things right? Don't suppose you have an answer for this, but do you think Bruce will be in charge first game of the new season and would we now be able to buy a player or two before the deadline?
  9. What we need to do now is phone Levy and offer 10M for Dele and post a transcript of the call on our glossy new official website. ?
  10. Could this go down as the best World Cup tournament ever?
  11. So do any of us have a “Xia Baby” blimp that we can fly over London?
  12. .......and I thought all those people protesting and marching in London was because of Trump? How stupid was I.
  13. Trippier! Apart from run and kick that round thing, what does he do? Think i’ve got the gist of this thread now.
  14. I agree, which is why we should drive a hard bargain with Levy and not roll over. It's only a suggested loan and he may appreciate a full season as our number 10? I maybe talking crap, but I just don't like the way Levy conducts his clubs transfers.
  15. I said the above a while back, but I have to admit, this World Cup has been a belter! Only a handful of games have been dull and most have been pretty damn good. If we do bring the gold trophy home at the end of all this, I hope it tours the whole of the country for the next four years so we can all have the opportunity to touch it/have a pic next to it.
  16. Very good point made re Cardiff! What's the betting after 5/6 games of the new season we here the excuses like "what do fans expect", "we now have a very thin squad" etc, but quite rightly said above, Cardiff in the main built a squad out of loans and free transfers. Being skint doesn't mean we have no hope! More difficult yes, but let's hope the club don't throw the towel in early doors. Building the right mentality around the whole club is key now.
  17. He may not have much choice due to lack of games next season if they sign Grealish.
  18. If Grealish is sold to Spurs for say 25M, I would also insist on having Harry Winks and Josh Onomah on loan for a season. Two young players who would compliment Green, Davis and RHM.
  19. Perhaps the Doc was fooled into wearing the "emperor's new clothes" once and wants to try it with our new kit? I of course won't be fooled by this, but have to say I looked the dogs wearing the new away kit in the shower earlier! ?
  20. Are we likely to be hearing more depressing news regarding debt and unpaid bills or something more positive regarding a sale etc? The Mirror link above doesn't work for me?
  21. Fully appreciate all the information that you and others are giving us mate.
  22. Has he just opened a fortune cookie, read it and thought right i’ll tweet that? Makes no sense at all.
  23. Nah, but hopefully a consortium led by Tom Hanks and bringing with him a Trumpet. ?
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