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  1. Thank you for clarifying and my mistake.
  2. I believe he made a reference to customers at the AVST meeting didn't he? Stand corrected if he didn't! Never said the word 'still'.
  3. Hollis certainly hasn't enamoured himself to the fans has he? He probably doesn't care one jot either. Listening to him a couple of times he no doubt sees fans or customers as he put it, as beneath him. Time will tell if he proves to be better than early observations but not a great start.
  4. Seen enough of him to suggest that there is a player in there and very much hope we keep him longer than one season. Depends on offers of course.
  5. I made no reference to a specific chant nor last night! I wasn't there!! It is the Birmingham Mail who are stating that a chant was heard of "let's all have a party when Lerner is dead" or something to that effect. The point I was trying to make and maybe poorly, is that I personally cannot condone death chants/threats (if any?) against an individual.
  6. No, but no doubt he has received this kind of thing already via social media. Something I wouldn't condone.
  7. Not wishing to back Lerner in any kind of way here but wishing him dead? Really? We are better than that surely! Have no problem with singing Remi Garde's name, sack the board, boo etc but death chants/threats - not for me! He wants out so why should he continue to put his own money into it? I get the protect your investment stuff but we did at least invest in the summer but obviously some of that investment was wasted. He wasn't the scout/scouts that suggested some of the playing duds! Perhaps they need to shoulder some of the blame? Finally, I also agree that his manager choices have not been great since he came but they too I think have let Lerner down. It's not one person to solely blame here but a catalogue of errors made by numerous people.
  8. Think he has done really well since coming back! Wasn't the pick of our defenders last night but certainly can't fault him at present.
  9. Very good tonight, along with Lescott. Should only play at right back though if selected!
  10. Need to move on from tonight but would like to him apologise, he owes that at the very least to the fans that have travelled down there!
  11. Next 24 hours will be interesting but really hope he stays on! Think he could build a team with backing of course!!
  12. Obviously not match fit but crikey he also looks to be two stone overweight!
  13. Not sure if we are just reading him wrong tonight? He has just watched his players give everything and we just couldn't hold on. I would be pissed off if I was him. If he is still here on Saturday he needs every fan chanting his name!
  14. He really is fighting against a cancer within the club. He needs the fans backing on Saturday for sure!
  15. He should offer to pay for every travelling fans ticket tonight!
  16. Thanks for letting us, players and manager down!
  17. We can hope but I did an lol as I wrote it.
  18. Time to put a real shift in Gabby and show you really care!
  19. Kirsten will be happy again tonight! It's still on luv!! Has anyone got a celebration gif for her whilst we all cry ourselves to bed?
  20. Spoil Sport!! I was all excited for 40 minutes, may as well go to bed then.
  21. Is this move on just so he can avoid buying Kirsten her meal?
  22. I fear my son's Olaf money box might be a better option!
  23. I know but I'm sitting here still hoping we sign someone! C'mon Mr Hollis and give us an early Christmas present!!
  24. A truly depressing month/day and I'm still checking this forum and Sky in the hope that we sign someone!
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