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  1. Don't think we would add any further right sided players at this point. However, if we could get Patrick Roberts on loan to play down our left, I would be chuffed.
  2. Beast of a man and great to have as cover for Chester.
  3. Haha, our new captain then! Can't believe we got him from under the noses of Everton and Man City!! #signingofthesummer
  4. How come we've signed Nigel Pearson in play in goal? Bruce out!
  5. Must have been pleased to get on and show what he can do.
  6. At least give Bruce some credit folks for bringing on Tshibola with 10 Seconds to go in order to guarantee the draw. Tactical nous that and using all his experience
  7. I wonder if Terry could convince the boss/club to take a couple of talented Chelsea youngsters on loan for a season? Mason Mount etc?
  8. Important player this season. We could get 10+ goals this season from his set piece delivery.
  9. I know he is a big guy, but he looks terribly out of shape. Are we just playing him at present in the hope that someone is daft enough to take him off us? Otherwise, I cannot see him making a single appearance this coming season for us.
  10. If he prepared to stay and put a shift in, I would prefer him in our midfield over Bacuna and Gardner. Does he want to be here though?
  11. Gutted to see Chalobah leave Chelsea to Watford and Loftus-Cheek leave on loan to Palace. Type of players that I would have loved to see come here if we had stayed up . We are falling further and further behind clubs like Watford, let alone Everton, who we used to challenge for sixth, seventh, eighth. Hope we do it this coming season or we may just stay down for a while.
  12. I also have two little ones aged 5 and 2. Total gut wrenching just looking at them and thinking of life without either of them. My thoughts are with his family. Great point Trent re Sunderland visiting VP. RIP little man and keep smiling.
  13. Our Dr is a fraud! I've just read the above quote in a fortune cookie from our Chinese takeaway!! Update - although my wife's one says something about a bird, a basket and a heart . Make of that what you will.
  14. The wife wants a Lamb Bacuna and I'll have a Hutton Vindaloo.
  15. Inheanacho of Man City to Leicester according to the BBC. I read transfers like this with sadness as it should be us dealing with these type of players. We were in the mix not so long ago with Everton, Spurs and now Leicester . Hope we get beck soon and do these type of deals again.
  16. Just seen this as well. Not saying he's a bad player, but 20m is just crazy. Football gone mad.
  17. Hope family and friends of the victims can at last feel that justice has been served with this decision. Terrible tragedy and one not fully appreciated by me at the time as I was only 14. All I cared about back then was football and I can't imagine the feeling of going to a game with my son now and returning home without him? Terrible waste of life. RIP to the 96.
  18. Forgetting Terry for a moment, would anyone take Morgan or Huth from Leicester if they sign two new centre backs this summer. Rumour is they want to replace both of them. Personally, I would take either of them over Terry.
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    I know what you're thinking - Ikea! Awful place at weekends
  20. Terrible news and just watched his Newcastle goal in the 4-4 draw with Arsenal on the BBC website. Spectacular. RIP
  21. Good shout and to be honest, we could do a lot worse than look at the current England under 21 squad. Surely, one or two gettable players and/or one or two clever loans to be had.
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    Just heard the news at Wolves. Would anyone like to see Tony Daley down ours? Think he was head of sports science. Don't know if he's good in that area, but loved watching him burst down our wings back in the day. Nostalgia playing a part here for sure.
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