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  1. A synopsis of the two pages so far then is: ”Proud history, bright future”.
  2. If it's free transfers and loans, then we can still pick one or two decent players: Gk - Krul, Caballero, Robles or Green Def - Delaney, Huth, Collins Mid - Adam, McCarther, Morrison For - Hernandez Loans - Axel, Onomah, any kids from Man City or Chelsea and finally Snodders (ok, perhaps very unrealistic at this point).
  3. Reading your posts since, I think you've grasped my post!
  4. If there is any truth in this it’s not only disgraceful, but worrying. Pissing off your employees, customers and fans is only going to end one way. Hope it’s just a rumour.
  5. Must be worth £10m this guy. Scores now in two world cups.
  6. Just put £10 on a Brazil/Jesus double (to win & top scorer) @ 40/1. Also put £10 on a Brazil/Neymar double (to win & top scorer) @ 20/1. Could have had better odds online, but easier popping into the local betting shop. I'm happy with those bets and should keep me interested right until the end.
  7. ferguson1


    New fixtures out this morning for them and have to say - jealous! They have Everton at home first game of the new season. Who will we bloody get? Rotherham away no doubt.
  8. Not sure, but it's a fair price for our "Scottish Cafu". ?
  9. Couple of other local teams to play of course, which I'm not looking forward to.
  10. Never even realised mate. Hope for a home fixture first game of course, but if not Sheffield Wed away. Remember Big Ron's first game? I do and was there, it was an amazing away day.
  11. Is Deeney a big Harry Potter fan? ? can't quite make out the tat that well.
  12. Yep, definitely better watching football during my younger years. I’m 43 now and that excitement just isn’t there as it was. For me: 1990, 1986 and 1998. Moments: Platty v Belgium, anything Maradona did during Mexico 86, anything Gazza was involved in during Italia 90 and that Owen goal v Argentina at France 98.
  13. Sako at Palace out of contract too this summer. Good wide option with pace. Problem is of course, even though someone is technically free, we probably can’t offer anyone a half decent contract.
  14. Robles or Krul in goal would be good options. Hopefully, a summer budget/plan can be agreed tomorrow.
  15. Would we be able to offer Robert Huth a one year deal? On a free and definitely worth considering if we can afford it.
  16. ferguson1

    Going Under ?

    Probably been posted already, but now i know we’re in the shite ?
  17. Doesn't Amanda Staveley fancy buying us instead?
  18. ferguson1

    Going Under ?

    Serious question - has the new pitch been laid and how do we pay the company laying it?
  19. How do know that he has no interest in playing football? Someone asked the question “How does he sleep at night” and I answered to that. Think i’ll leave this discussion.
  20. Free pass? Yeah let's blame an individual player for our financial ruin then. Good one.
  21. In all fairness mate, what's he need to feel guilty about? He was offered a stupid contract, which we as a club happily offered and he signed it. Now as far as I'm aware he turns up for training everyday, does his public relations bit and offers himself for selection. Is that his fault or what's he doing wrong? Don't think he's ever moaned about a broken gate, sent pics of luxury cars or posted pics on Instagram of himself pissed. He's not to blame or has anything to be shamed about here.
  22. ferguson1

    Going Under ?

    A fat lady has just walked past me singing! ?
  23. Well that's cheered me up no end! What a bloody mess and a disgrace to even be in this position. Perhaps the future King of England can save us?
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