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  1. Most of my favourites have already been mentioned, the Tranmere and Inter games at home. However, supporting the Villa during big Ron's time has to be my favourite period to date. Big Ron's first game and I was there with my dad, such a special day. I could have cried when Staunton scored at the death. Beating Liverpool at home when Saunders scored two on his home debut. The cup final win v Man Utd of course and a real stand out away game for me was beating Spurs 5-2 away in April 1992. I was 17 years old and my dad surprised me with two tickets the night before. Two nil down then Regis, Daley and Yorke tore Spurs a new one with some fantastic interplay and goals. Great time to be a fan.
  2. Mmmm, i'd like to put it down to lack of game time/being rusty etc, but who knows? You could be right or could be wrong. However, i do think that him being on the pitch improved the confidence of the players and also allowed others around him more freedom. Glad he's back though, as we are better for it.
  3. He has improved greatly this season, but i would like him to command his box a little more. A few times yesterday crosses and corners came in within 4/5 yards of him and he stayed on his line. Perhaps it's deliberate? Perhaps he's being coached to trust Chester and Terry, but someone like Peter Schmeichel was a bully in the box and I like that in a keeper. However, he's doing well so far.
  4. I think our players would agree with you as well.
  5. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    Bugger! Hope we can get him to agree a new deal soon then.
  6. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    Chuffed for the lad. His hold up play was superb today and he deserved his goal. Anyone know the length of his current contract?
  7. I could see someone like Pearson coming in and still doing a shit job for them.
  8. I just don't get some of our younger generation wondering round the shops/streets with there hand down the front there jeans, joggers, trousers etc?
  9. Let's give him a new contract. I like him i wanted something positive for the 1000 page edit: darn it, I was too eager!!!
  10. This could be a 'rose tinted' glasses moment, but could Mellberg do the job with an experienced coach alongside him? I've no idea if he's been doing a good coaching job or not, but one thing is for sure, the fans would get right behind him.
  11. Four points from the next two games is a minimum. Win Saturday, then I wouldn't be too disappointed with a point next week. Would be delighted with two wins though.
  12. I would still sack Bruce because of this. Even if he didn't send it, he may have thought it and that's gross misconduct in my book
  13. Can we ask a question about FFP and if we fail to get promoted, what that means for us? Some clarity would be good. Are there any plans to improve or have better links with the local areas around the ground to incorporate the 'Villa' feel? Thinking Witton Station, Aston Hall, Star City etc? Can we release a Villa kit and that kit be available to purchase before the summer holidays? My son would love to take a new kit on holiday with him. Are there any plans to link up with another football club to develop younger players, share ideas etc?
  14. Have watched his goal about ten times today and it really is magnificent. We haven't had exciting wing play and an exciting wide player since Ashley Young. Hope he turns out to half as good.
  15. Was a weak link still yesterday. Wonder if we could play Elmo at right back and Adomah right wing during home games at least?
  16. Be a real shame if he left now. Would want £10m plus for him, but who would we get to replace him now? Snodgrass or Wilshere on loan? Think i'd rather hang on to Hourihane if possible.
  17. Shame the lad has had so many injuries, because he was obviously quality as a youngster. Don't think we'll miss him and doubt he'll be anything but an average championship midfielder. No ill feelings towards him whatsoever.
  18. If we need another centre half, what about Aden Flint? Snatch him before he moves to the unwashed and piss Arry right off too . Not too fussed by Snodgrass, but Gallagher could prove useful to us surely.
  19. Agree totally, problem is his twin brother went to Newcastle for £12m this summer and Norwich would want the same again I suspect. Can't see us spending £12m on a player anytime soon, especially this window. Shame though, looked quality.
  20. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    Shame he didn't score, but should be really pleased with his performance today.
  21. More of today please, starting Tuesday.
  22. I've come on here to post exactly this. A good win today yes, but still conceded two goals at home to a pretty poor side. The gitters were still there in the second half too. We can only judge Bruce on performances and points and I would need to see ten games like this in a row before any confidence in him returned. The pessimist in me thinks we'll be moaning about him again next Friday night.
  23. I'd be happy with Warnock at this point and never thought I'd say that.
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