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  1. Seems out of his depth. Poor defence in front of him, but his mistakes are costing us.
  2. If you sneak out the back door Tammy, perhaps no one will notice!
  3. What an interesting first week he's got ahead of him.
  4. Henry or Rogers to start on Monday please. Oh, what the hell, even Terry as player manager!
  5. Needs to told he's gone as soon as he leaves the touchline. The guy has clearly lost the dressing room.
  6. Wonder if our new CEO can convince the owners to sign JT until January at least? He must know him well from his time at Chelsea.
  7. Would take any one of them right now!
  8. Nah, Thor time is better and more exciting!
  9. Don’t be stupid. Everyone knows that he could be one helluva right back given time. Have you never played Fifa? Jeez.
  10. Never to be seen south of the border again! What a waste of finances and hopefully these type of silly deals are a thing of the past.
  11. Happy Birthday Joe! Great goal.
  12. I’ve heard he’s now in Julie B’s basement.
  13. Thought we were signing the US military's most wanted for a minute.
  14. 100% ITK with this one. Sawiris is a baller.
  15. I refuse to get excited until we see a text stating he's a "baller".
  16. Well done Brucie! Sign all the ballers!!!
  17. At least Deadly Doug landed us Juninho ahead of them. Oh wait!
  18. Don't worry mate, have arranged for Big John Carew to take him to Spearmint Rhino and his first dance is on me! He'll sign at 5am tomorrow upon leaving the place
  19. Can’t see anything official to say he’s chosen Boro yet? If he can find some form, he would rip this league apart, so worth the risk in my opinion.
  20. Speaking of 1990 for a minute, I always thought growing up that Walter Zenga was unbeatable. Perhaps he had a fantastic defence in front of him though? Takes me back also to when Kent Nielsen beat Zenga with a thunderbolt at Villa Park in the same year. Happy times.
  21. ferguson1

    John Terry

    If you blindfolded Terry and turned him around three times, his postional sense would still be better than Elphick. Happy to bring Terry back, even if it’s only until January.
  22. He’s here, he’s there, he’s every f^$$ing where John McGinn, John McGinn basic, crude, but always fun to sing!
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