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  1. have to say, I was hoping for more!
  2. Not trying to defend others on here, but the cost of Jota is irrelevant. McGinn cost approx 3 million didn’t he? My concern is has Jota and others made a contribution this season? I would say little to none and in view of this, he was a waste of money. Good scouting means you can spot gems in lower and foreign leagues without needing to spend big money. Our 130-150 million recruitment spend during last summer has by and large been a disaster.
  3. Thanks for all your messages! First of all, I'm fine - or I will be soon. I had nasty accident today but I'm ok. I went horse riding and let's just say it didn't end up quite as planned. I got on the horse ok and started out slowly but he started to speed up and we were going faster than I was comfortable with until we were going as fast as the horse could go! Have to admit I was terrified!! Then the worst thing ever happened - I fell off and caught my foot in the stirrup and the horse was dragging me around in a circle. It wouldn't stop, it just kept going around and around. Thank God for the staff at Tesco's that came out and unplugged the carousel. Just some bruising.
  4. Morning all, have to say I have very little belief that we’re going to stay up (lack of goals, clean sheets etc), but a positive result today would give me some hope. We need a win against a top side and being their first game back, perhaps we can catch them cold? He’s hoping for a 1-0 or a 2-1 win.
  5. Not trying to make any point. Just posting it in case someone finds it useful that wasn’t already aware.
  6. Just quoting an example for information. Hope it helps.
  7. McGinn returning could be the difference in us staying up. Think he’s that important on the pitch and in the dressing room.
  8. Connor Goldson, a local from Wolverhampton, is rumoured to be wanting to move closer to home. Centre back/defender currently at Glasgow Rangers. Leeds and West Brom interested in him apparently. Not sure how good he is or how he’s been doing, but I know he’s a tuff tuff b#%^€¥~, so if we went down, could be the bit a grit we need next season.
  9. Fantastic stuff and very funny/enjoyable. Further series not so good for me though and that’s being kind.
  10. Sneezy is self isolating after showing symptoms?
  11. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    100% this. Idiot of the highest order.
  12. Unfortunately my Uncle passed away earlier today. Thank you all for your support and kind messages.
  13. Footage proves he did stop off at barnard castle after all. Bloody liar.
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