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  1. I think in time the McGinn arse roll will become just as famous as the Cruyff turn. I even saw the use of it in the school playground when dropping my son off at school this week.
  2. Stuck in her basement with our January signings!
  3. ferguson1

    Tom Heaton

    Best signing made in the summer. MOTM tonight.
  4. All Brentford players are worth £20m plus, or did you forget?
  5. Heaton looking like the best signing of the summer so far. Brilliant tonight.
  6. Kodjia on for Wes Jota or Lansbury for McGinn Would rather lose 3-1 going for it and hope we can nick a 2-2.
  7. Sod it, got to try something else here! Luiz, Lansbury and Kodjia on Hourihane, McGinn and Wesley off
  8. I doubt Wes has ever eaten pizza in woking though?
  9. He’s preparing for the evening of the 24th or just the players Christmas party!
  10. Dear me, they are rapid when they break on us. We look defeated already.
  11. Only Jack can get us out of this. So over reliant on him to do something.
  12. Shite and had to be Tammy! Could turn out to be a rout this.
  13. Can’t defend like this for the whole game. Need to wake up sharpish and keep the ball.
  14. Tammy is just nailed on to score. Can’t see us getting a positive result now. Narrow defeat.
  15. I can only agree with Tshibola. No beef with you, but none of the above cost as much as Makoun and still believe he was a complete waste of money.
  16. I picked Holman in my team!
  17. Approx £6.2m well spent then? One good game, hardly makes it “very unfair” to put him in my worst team of the decade. Complete waste of money in my opinion.
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