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  1. Have already made a similar comment in the Black thread, but if we cannot get a new manager to start next week, I would sack Black now and have Brian Little run the team until the end of the season! I know the same players would no doubt put in the same performances but at least the fans would be fully supportive of Little. The atmosphere alone for the Newcastle game would improve. The longer he stays, Black is seriously causing more damage.
  2. Know absolutely nothing about Grigg but Wells is someone I have mentioned many times in this thread. If we are to persist/keep Gestede, then we need a Defoe type player next to him. Someone that is mobile, has pace and most importantly scores goals. I am happy to keep Gestede next season because we cannot get rid of the whole squad, but we desperately need a reliable goal scorer to get out of the Championship. Replying on Gestede alone to do this would be damaging to our chances in my opinion.
  3. Just realised, he defends similar to how I stretch for the remote!
  4. If we cannot get a new manager to start next week, I would sack Black within the next hour and have Brian Little run the team until the end of the season!
  5. Losing mentality, weak, lacklustre, brittle, and completely broken club!
  6. Quality, but I actually laughed more at the guy with the glasses bottom of the screen for some season.
  7. I would like to think of him more as "rotund" actually. After all, the guy has been on a two week fitness programme. Bit harsh that!
  8. There are not many footballers that I actually hate but N'Zogbia typifies everything I hate about certain modern footballers. No respect, don't care attitude and to put it simply "a money sucking leach". The type of footballer that sucks the money out of the club and then simply walks away, without a care about whether they have even played. Should be a national bank holiday when he finally walks away! Another that I can't wait to see moved to the "Other football" thread. **edit** fair play if he does make a financial gesture to the people facing redundancy but it still won't change my overall opinion of him.
  9. Jog on Gabby! Oh sorry I forgot you can't, roll out then please.
  10. This. Remember those times well and we did have a good squad, which could have done better. Wasn't it Gregory at the time that said "if only we'd signed Muzzy Izzet, we'd of won the league"? I did quite like him though but bringing him back would be ludicrous.
  11. My opinion of him has not changed one bit! Very much doubt he wrote the piece above and it's too little too late. Thanks for some memories but still hope he is out the door in the summer. Call me cynical but is a new manager on his way in very shortly and someone is attempting to build bridges? Big clear out required, starting with him.
  12. Is he not just misunderstood? Only joking, was bored! Hope we never see him in the shirt again and some Middle Eastern club take him off our hands. One of many to go in the summer i hope.
  13. Believe me Richard he is by far from my first choice, as it would have been Dyche for me but I am just being realistic now. If Pearson can start tomorrow I would bring him in because Black is doing more harm than good at present.
  14. This. His presence at the training ground would be good for morale and no doubt he would bring an air of professionalism but playing first team football is a big step! I would love to see it but think it's very doubtful. Top man for saying his priority is Villa though - refreshing to here amongst all the doom and gloom.
  15. The more I think about it I would take Pearson right now if it meant that he started straightaway and worked with the current squad until the end of the season. As much as I'd want 90% of this squad gone in the summer, it's probably not realistic and someone needs to work out quickly who's worth keeping/working with and who should go. The thought of waiting for a manager until the summer and then they assess the squad during pre-season fills me with dread. Big rebuilding job required and I want a manager to realise this quickly.
  16. Having had a season ticket for the last 9 years I am regrettably not renewing and will pick and choose my home/away games next season. It will be absolutely gut wrenching to give up my seat though! My decision is partly down to finances, mid week games being an issue and at present I don't believe that I am being entertained/receiving value. Supporting the club is a lifelong even generational thing for people and I can still support the team from home like my dad now does. I can't wait though to take my four year old son eventually in the hope of getting him hooked like I did all those years ago.
  17. Two really good suggestions in Carroll and Powell to be fair and wouldn't hesitate in taking both. Good spot! Are you Riley in disguise? Don't know much about Bentley but presume you mean the Southend keeper? No doubt he'd be better than Guzan! Morrison isn't a bad option either and would do a job for sure. Centre half option would be Lewis Dunk for me. Joey Barton another I would be happy with. A couple of clever loans from some of the big boys and things could look a whole lot better without much spend.
  18. Clear he is out of his depth here. Needs to be removed as soon as possible before he inflicts more damage!
  19. Can't agree more, which is why I don't want Steve Bruce! The thought of Bruce/Black next season - no thanks!!
  20. ferguson1

    Adama Traore

    The one in the squad that can excite and either can't play him because of some stupid salary clause or because Black has digged his heels in! Oh well, Bacuna and Richardson it is out wide then for the remainder of the season. Shame, he will no doubt leave now and will be one that will see blossom for someone else.
  21. Has to go in the summer! Not only because of his performances but if we are really serious with changing the culture around the club, he has to be shown the door. Bacuna is delusional if he thinks he can play for a regular Champions League club.
  22. Depends! With this squad, yes. However, new manager, possible takeover and clear out a large proportion of the wasters, who knows? Ever the optimist!!
  23. Congratulations to him but I still stand by what I said above, regardless of today. Our other midfielders can't hit a barn door and a couple of goals over a 38 game season isn't good enough. Should be a squad player at best next season.
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