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  1. Have just seen the freebies above and I tell you what, if the takeover doesn't happen I'd take 8/9 of them right now and they would be better than what we have: Boruc Terry, Delaney, Demichelis Carrick, Arteta, Carroll, Osman, Pienaar Would take any of those above and midfield would be sorted for sure. Don't care about age to be honest as getting out of the division at the first attempt has to be the priority.
  2. Obviously, but if he wants to do a deal with another club I'd rather have him on loan as part of the agreement and help bring us back!
  3. Well if the rumour is true, he could be sold and immediately loaned back to us couldn't he? Similar to Hector Reading/Chelsea deal? Hate developing players to then have them cherry picked, but I can live with this if he helped us out of the division at the first attempt.
  4. Wouldn't disagree with your post but the timing of the new manager is key in my opinion. We have a head start on two current Premiership clubs knowing that we are down and a head start on some Championship clubs, who don't know if they are going up yet. We currently have an advantage over others and I certainly don't want to be rudderless going into pre-season that's for sure.
  5. I don't personally dislike him like some at the club, but he does need to be moved on. How he has so many international caps is beyond me. If we cannot find a permanent replacement this summer, then we should look at some young Premiership loans (players like Holgate, Hector etc).
  6. Anything but easy! However, pretty accurate assessment of how that could happen with the right buyer.
  7. I like Moyes but don't like the fact that we may be waiting for a take over to happen first. Moreover, does Moyes need convincing? Don't know if anyone else heard it, but Ray Wilkins was on Talksport last week and when discussing Moyes he said that the Villa and Celtic jobs wouldn't interest him one iota! Only a Premiership job was going to interest him!! Make of that what you will.
  8. True, he was highly thought of around Europe at the time. At least we signed players last summer that we can get some return out of. Unlike signings like Davies, Ireland, Reo-Coker, N'Zogbia etc. Those type of signings have truly killed us. My hope is we can at least keep him until January.
  9. Hope it is untrue, but anything is possible with Fox! You only have to look at the Adama situation.
  10. Being a retirement home or finding the right players to get us out of the Chamionship are two very different things. I would take Walters, Barry, Barton etc in a heartbeat.
  11. Not having a go at you here, but how would anyone know this? Contracts are very personal, as are the amount someone actually earns. So unless someone from the club, his agent or Amavi confirm this, I for one don't believe it. Moreover, if for any reason it was truth, I would want to know how it has been made public.
  12. Whether it be Pearson or someone else, one thing is for sure that unless we have new owners, the new manager is going to have to work to a budget. Now I have said this many times over, like many others on here, previous Villa managers have talked about having financial restraints, needing to reduce the wage bill etc etc, but the fact is we have bought very poorly over the last five/six years. Players like Ireland, Davies, N'Zogbia to name a few. Players with no sell on value. When we have attempted to buy cheaper from the lower leagues and abroad, we appear to have done that badly. Teams l
  13. I agree to an extent that the team yesterday wasn't great, but we scored two goals away and should have got something. I remember a team that Alex McLeish put out at Spurs away roughly five years ago that still gives me nightmares. Think we played six defenders that day and failed to get a shot on target! So worst team ever seen in the league, no. The quicker Black is removed though the better.
  14. Re the Newcastle game, I personally would much rather play Toner there. At least the fans would get behind him, rather than the other names mentioned above.
  15. To make some sort of sense of it and I don't agree with Black's thinking by the way, was that firstly, the subsitution disrupts play. Secondly, I can only assume that his thinking was that Sinclair would run the channels/corners and act as an out ball. We were inviting pressure, depending ever so deep and simply giving the ball back to them too easily. However, from a coaches point of view, I would have brought on Richards and kept the five across the back. Black said that they had practised this for a few days, so why then make the back line a four after the sending off? Richards may hav
  16. Quite simply out of his depth in the Premiership, not helped by a shocking defence in front of him. Wouldn't even be happy keeping him as back up next season. Has to go I'm afraid. Marshall at Cardiff would do us a job next season.
  17. Have already made a similar comment in the Black thread, but if we cannot get a new manager to start next week, I would sack Black now and have Brian Little run the team until the end of the season! I know the same players would no doubt put in the same performances but at least the fans would be fully supportive of Little. The atmosphere alone for the Newcastle game would improve. The longer he stays, Black is seriously causing more damage.
  18. Know absolutely nothing about Grigg but Wells is someone I have mentioned many times in this thread. If we are to persist/keep Gestede, then we need a Defoe type player next to him. Someone that is mobile, has pace and most importantly scores goals. I am happy to keep Gestede next season because we cannot get rid of the whole squad, but we desperately need a reliable goal scorer to get out of the Championship. Replying on Gestede alone to do this would be damaging to our chances in my opinion.
  19. Just realised, he defends similar to how I stretch for the remote!
  20. If we cannot get a new manager to start next week, I would sack Black within the next hour and have Brian Little run the team until the end of the season!
  21. Losing mentality, weak, lacklustre, brittle, and completely broken club!
  22. Quality, but I actually laughed more at the guy with the glasses bottom of the screen for some season.
  23. I would like to think of him more as "rotund" actually. After all, the guy has been on a two week fitness programme. Bit harsh that!
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