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  1. I mentioned on Friday evening that Deano could be thin ice and I still think he is. This doesn’t mean the risk of imminent sack but I’m sure there will be concerns in the boardroom and our next 3/4 games are critical.

    We’re a quarter of the season in and quite honestly barring some cameos and short spells, we’ve been poor. I want Dean to succeed and turn this around but I worry his stubbornness or limitations may ultimately cost him.

    I’m not going to go over formations and players because I think we all know what we want to see. Starting next Sunday, we need to see a reaction and that starts with the Head Coach.

    A top half finish has to be the minimum aim still, as anything less will be considered a failure. I am concerned and personally, barring a good few months ahead, I think we could see a change in Head Coach. I hate saying it but that’s where I am. C’mon Dean, I have everything crossed for you. 

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  2. Radio WM commented last night that once Ramsey went on, Sanson went a bit mad in the dugout as they could see him gesticulating and flapping his arms. Cannot say or confirm that a bottle was thrown etc though. 

    Don’t blame him being disgruntled but there is a time and place to show your unhappiness, and that is in private with Smith. 

  3. Nice little write up on Bailey on the BBC Football website.

    Clearly, he’s a player that the media and other teams are very aware of. Hopefully, we’ll start to see the very best of him over the next few weeks and months. 

  4. I wonder if the lure of massive wages could tempt this guy to Newcastle?

    Hopefully, Newcastle will go after Premier League experience first, but you never know. 

    Would like to think with agent Martinez and Buendia, they’ll give Deano the lowdown of how good this guy is though. 

  5. Based on the squad news today, I’d still like us to go with the following team: 



        Cash         Konsa             Mings       Targett                    


                     McGinn                 Sanson

          Buendia               Ings                     El Ghazi

    Subs:  Steer, Tuanzebe, Hause, Young, Ramsey, Carney, Traore, Bailey, Watkins


    Bring Traore, Bailey and Watkins on in the second half to truly rub salt in the Arsenal wounds!  :trollface:

  6. 2 minutes ago, AntrimBlack said:

    So that is who it was. I was watching the highlights without commentary and could not figure who it was. Seems to be doing well. Have we signed him, or do we think we will do.

    Yep signed. Details at the top of this page.

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