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  1. The one and only villa game I've seen at Villa Park. With my dad, a ten pounder from stafford. Wearing I think every item of clothing I'd brought for a 3 week holiday. We had 2-3 disallowed as well. Will stay with me for ever.
  2. I think the biggest problem with this particular saga is down to the distraction it causes. I have no idea if he was drinking orange juice or vodka and orange juice. But the whole club, the rest of the squad, the manager have all had to deal with the added pressure of the press looking for new angles and more detail. Even if nothing happened, he has to remember the greater impact. Its not that he's a role-model, or if he deserves/doesn't deserve the natural freedoms that we all deserve. Its the fact that supposedly the whole squad and club are trying to get promoted, and this is all just wasted energy for something that shouldn't have happened.
  3. So, a roll of the dice. Let's say Tony, after reading one too many tweets, gets an itchy finger on the red button. And gets rid of RDM in about 5 games time. Would that not put us smack bang back in similar position to last season, new team, no leader, no plan, etc. Now we haven't played teams off the park. But we haven't been embarrassed too often either...Bloody Luton, and we are still picking up points. We certainly weren't doing that last season. You might not like him, and maybe you can think of better managers that would have been realistic acquisitions at the time. But I think the only realistic option is to support the club and RDM to the hilt for the time being. If Sir Alex Fergie had had to put up with the likes of twitter/forums/absurd journalism would he have lasted out his first season? Let alone another 25 or however many? I think alot of people are looking for a magic wand no?
  4. I guess everyone has their own views, and we really do need a win or two to keep in touch. But I'm a bit surprised there has been any debate over RDM already. The bloke has come into a decimated football club with a broken spirit and terrible culture. In a few short months he has had rebuild a culture and mentality, evaluate the players that were here, identify new players he wanted, manage to recruit them. And then turn them into a team that works. Pep, Klopp and all the rest would be struggling as much with all that. He's also had to deal with quite a few injuries, just as players are getting used to each other. Then he has to deal with the fans.....the football we a playing isn't that bad. Its not premier league standard, but we're not in the prem.... yet some are already on his back. How does he instil the confidence in the players and squad if the players are already getting boos and seemingly walking on egg shells? I think he has done an excellent job so far. If a handful of those shots had gone in it would be altogether different.
  5. So... Now that you lot have relieved me of my european passport. How many of our current foreign players would safely satisfy the football visa requirements? Way too early to what it all means, but there must be quite a few nervous players out there. Robbie's gene pool has just shrunk.
  6. Every game he has been in charge for has seen an improvement, in both effort and cohesion. I'm sure He will go away and start working on, A) toughening up the players (JV and CG Gana get pushed off the ball too easy. B ) Cutting out the stupid errors inside the 18 yard box.
  7. Yep, and I think the club are actually protecting their investment by offering a new contract. I can't imagine it's come with much (or anything) of a pay rise for GG, but affords us the option of taking our time to assess the player once fully fit without losing him on a free. Good for GG as it offers him financial security whilst he tries to get over his many injuries. We finally appear to be being run like a financially savvy business. Where was Tom Fox when MON was here. Oh what could have been... I think if Tom Fox and MON had been here at the same time, the same thing would have happened.... MON petulantly storming off. But perhaps we would have avoided, McLeish, Frenchie and Lambert. But then we might not ever have gotten TS.
  8. Villafied

    Adama Traore

    So... The buy back clause. Can someone explain exactly what it means? Does it give Barca the right to buy back, whether we want to or not? At an already agreed price? Have we seen this clause used and executed anywhere else?
  9. Benteke isn't really "hitting out" at Sherwood is he? Such a bullshit title. They always are bullshit titles.... but us mugs keep reading them. Surprised Benteke brought it up though. Thought he'd do his talking on the pitch.
  10. Some TS charisma at work. http://www.teamtalk.com/news/2483/9939424/Christian-Benteke-hits-out-at-Aston-Villa-boss-Tim-Sherwood To be fair, I think the last line said most of it.
  11. We'll be conceding a shed-load of goals then. If we are going to base our season on pre season friendlies that we will be getting relegated. Thankfully pre-season is for fitness and are not competitive games. It annoys me that we have to reiterate this every year I'm not just basing this on friendlies - I'm basing it on the fact that he isn't a CB and IMO doesn't have the mental attributes to be one. Fair enough but if Sherwood and Wilkins think he can play there then he must be capable? Or at least deserves a chance? And by the same token, Sherwood and Wilkins will no doubt drop Richards IF he's not up to the task. Especially once Okore is fit.
  12. I imagine the football world is a bit of a closed shop. TF had probably come across TS before, knew what he was getting and what we wanted/needed. So, you're both right. There were many other managers available, TF was only interested in one. Too easy?
  13. I should clarify that I was agreeing that he definitely got a pay rise... shouldn't everyone when you sign a new contract? He is still every bit as loyal just by hanging around to see things through.
  14. I'd say he's got it pretty much spot on tbh. I think PL pretty much implied this when he rhetorically asked how much it would cost to replace Delph. $15million (pounds) I think he said. So giving him a bumper pay rise still equates to saving if you're going to keep a player who is hopefully keeping you in the premier league. Vlaar on the other hand might not be offered the same payrise...?
  15. Is it just me who finds that suggestion worrying? No its not. But if we all here could just pull in One Direction.
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