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  1. Yes, they do (though the youngest [Liverpool] doesn't particularly care for football). No, it's close to impossible to convert once the passion is embedded. If you try, it just doesn't feel natural. I just choose to focus on work, alcohol & love life instead. It's all I've got left.
  2. That's why villa beat them.. because our atmosphere overwhelmed them. I agree.. it is there.. we just need it to be more consistent, even against lesser teams. If it's a league match, it matters.. regardless of the opponent.
  3. Legally, you should be entitled to either a partial refund or the same seat for the number of games you missed for next season (and therefore a proportionately reduced price season ticket for next season). I remember you fondly from the DO'L era, OBE. I'm surprised you're still here, and impressed. Hope you're keeping well mate. UTV
  4. Tbf we own "on the piss, my lord". I like that that chimes with our mutual love of drinking. Who else has that?
  5. Sorry, I was thinking of quickbooks.. I never bought the shirts.
  6. It's very different growing up in a small town (Scarborough) that has no big club for miles around. You pick, at primary school, based on sticker books, match of the day, etc. I'm the eldest of 5 lads. In birth order, we chose Villa, Newcastle, Man Utd, Leeds & Liverpool. I actually tried to convert to Scarborough, when I lived there. But to give an example, when the away keeper takes a goal kick, the fans shout "ohhh.. aaah, you s**t b*****d!". It wasn't like the thrill of a permier league game.
  7. They're probably afraid of a 5 team drop, given how long they've been stuck down there.
  8. Haha, this club has been the bane of my life, tbh. I started supporting in about 1994, when I was 7. I've been to many home games (though not in the last few years) and even had away season tickets. I stuck with them through loyalty, as once you choose you're not allowed to switch tribe. Also, when you've passionately supported a team for your entire youth, it's really hard to not care, or crave the thrill of victory. However, I'm not a brummie and have recently resigned from being a Villa fan, but I still want my old club to be the best they can be, for sentimental reasons.
  9. The ugliness of that kit also contributed to our relegation.
  10. Yes, the nike acorns kit with sky blue shorts is a good image. The quickbooks kit isn't.
  11. I'll submit to some of your points. I suppose I was thinking of the general image of Villa over the last 10-15 years, rather than the last couple of seasons. What disappoints me about our badge is that, when Randy took over, people were merely expressing a desire to return to the round badge that we had before Doug. Instead he put it to a vote of shapes, colours, etc. and came out with a mish-mash joke that many on here could've designed better. He could've at least had an artist design it to certain specs, or (my preference) simply return to the round badge.
  12. I actually hadn't, my apologies. In which case, the options seem to be demolishion and replacement (my preference), or expressing even greater support for safe standing. The seats are rather narrow in the North, like the away section at the the KC, so it seems logical to gut them at the very least, when safe standing gets the green light.
  13. Sorry, I just wish Villa would get their image right. Kit, badge, North Stand, players (obviously Jack is great and exemplary of what I'm getting at), fans' attitude, etc.
  14. As an outsider looking in, which of these 2 aesthetics do you think your average Brit would rather follow? Their atmospheres are electric. Half the times I go to Villa Park it's like a library infused with groans and verbal abuse towards our own players. I know haters are bad: "S***ing on the city as we gooo". How sad.
  15. I think the North Stand should be demolished and replaced with a curved "echo wall" that would allow sound to reverberate around the stadium. It would need to be designed by an acoustic engineer, connecting the Trinity Road and DE stands. It would be stylish and unique.. perhaps made from red brick, steel, glass and/or plastic.
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