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  1. £100m = £640k a week over three years. Simples.
  2. He could always choose to stay, go on to become a legend at ‘his club’ in ‘his city’, build a lasting legacy and earn around £5m a year after tax. But I get why you couldn’t turn down City.
  3. If it goes out to 14/1 I’m going for it. That’s what the odds were when I bet on Deano being our manager. Kerching!!!
  4. Ffs does this mean I might have to delete all posts suggesting his love for Villa is tarnished?
  5. This has been the most bizarre few days as a Villa fan… CJ Golson turning out to be fake and calling us c@nts! Fans of other clubs (apart from the pre-pubescent Arsenal contingent and City’s hardcore fanbase out in the Middle East) standing in solidarity with us. The school teacher with the insider coverage at the training camp. A training camp in a park with a soap opera will he/won’t he drama playing out in front of our very eyes (via the teacher’s grainy video footage) Late night Villa Twitter in overdrive. The unprecedented level of ITK BS. Whispers - is he ITK or is he a 12 year old boy Tweeting in a form of hypnotic English that will us into believing what he says is true? Sam Lee calling Villa fans a weird cult. Leon Bailey’s press conference! and Our hero and messiah turning out to be as plastic as the team he’s joining.
  6. Agreed. We all wanted to believe that he planned to take Villa all the way back to the top but as I said before, he’s just a footballer. He’s not a messiah. Playing for the club he supported suited him, till a better offer came along. He is an athlete driven by success. That’s fine but in this case he’s chosen to turn down the chance of being a lifelong legend who would be written to our history books indefinitely. Instead, long term he’ll be remembered as a player who took us up from the second tier and kept us up in the top tier, got a few England caps then moved on. People will say how gifted he was but others heroes will come along in his place and do similar. Being a Villa legend came second to instant success for Jack. That’s fine and I wish him well but I expected something more and it hasn’t happened. I’m not angry, I’m disappointed. More than anything disappointed in wasting my time thinking he was the central figure in something unique that we may never see happen again. Now it’s time to revert to being a normal fan again, cheering on the players we have under contract before one day they move on too. Perhaps Louie Barry might be the true messiah or maybe he’ll be another Jack? Who knows. I’m just not sure I’ll ever get to see a true Villa legend in front of the Holte ever again, unless we become the next Man City that is.
  7. All we need now is Deano to get sacked after a poor start to the season and we can permanently say goodbye to the fairytale dream. All I want as a fan is that glimmer of the old days, pre-oligarchs and Sky money. Today that Dream’s taking a hammer blow. I’m sure Jack will have regrets about leaving, even if he wins the quadruple for the next 10 years. He’s a Villa fan but that comes second to being just another typical footballer. All about the brand, personal success and money. To be fair I can’t blame him either.
  8. I think it’s happening and that means he will never get the chance to have his picture on my downstairs toilet wall. Merse and Gary Shaw won’t miss him. Enjoy your two years with Pep at Plastic FC before FFP brings it all crashing down. I’m genuinely gutted that another football fairytale turns out to be a fable.
  9. What’s convinced you he’s staying Nick? My optimism is waning today.
  10. I’m totally confused today. Is he staying or going? The longer this drags on it seems to me he’s waiting for a deal to happen?
  11. Let it all be true and we will know that the constant refreshing of Twitter for the past 4/5 days, the inaudible grunting instead of the audible grunting when responding to the wife, the lack of ability to do anything productive, the watching a whole Netflix series without registering what’s going on, and the addiction to snacking being at three times the usual rate due to nerves will all be worth it. Plus once again I can feel smug that all those so called ‘ITK’ football journalists will prove their inside knowledge is based on educated guesses and they know little more than you or I.
  12. One of the better journos. He’s a Bluenose though!
  13. Indeed he has. He’s staying! My heart usually gets things right more than my head so I’m sticking by this till the bitter end.
  14. My money is on him being given this weekend to think about it and the club trying to persuade him to stay. Don’t give up hope yet guys.
  15. Exactly. Don’t believe any transfer expert! They are all guessing based on tip-offs. I’ve not met one I didn’t think was the sporting version of an estate agent. They’re all full of it as it’s a cut-throat business based on who has the biggest balls. These guys are paid to get as many transfers right as they can so they have to take a punt. It boosts their reputation. Just like spreading rumours about interest from other clubs boosts the cut an agent is likely to make from a new contract! Hold your nerve guys. I just can’t see him leaving. That would only ever happen with the club’s blessing. I don’t think our owners will let him go, unless there is a release clause (which I doubt unless £100m plus). Of all the things that hints him staying, for me it’s the liking a club Insta post on the day your move to another club is supposed to be ‘happening’. Why do it? There’s no reason and he’ll know people are watching his every move. And as for the stuff I’ve read about him sulking over not moving to Spuds, Man U tapping him up, meeting with City months ago… what a load of cobblers. No-one would have that info unless they are very close to Jack and come on, it’s just a ‘fairy’ tale.
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