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  1. haha made me laugh Ah well your only 39 years behind the times : [post=http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/features/sports-science-25-years-old/152245.article]click
  2. Good signing I have to say. Offers us another dimension and is a very intelligent footballer. I particularly remember him destroying us against Norwich last year.
  3. Seriously, who did you think we would sign? We are battling relegation for a third year running and will not pay big wages or large transfer fees
  4. Stephen Ireland is the epitome of what is wrong with the world today. ~3.5 million sterling per year is being handed to this utter waste of space. There are people working 50 times harder in third world countries earning 350 US dollars per year. Clubs should be learning from this and be offering at least 50% of the salaries bases on appearances & performances.
  5. still cant believe people voted for him as Fans Player of the Season (2012) . this is his last year if his contract isn't it?
  6. I think it's a bit unfair on Baker if Okore goes straight into the first 11. Baker had a great second half of the season last year, and at times looked like our best defender. Okore looked ok today, but much too early to judge him. In general our defence looked dodgy to be honest.
  7. I've never seen a player score quality goals so consistently with Villa before. I'm a fan since ~89, so that includes the Yorke. Almost every goal Benteke scores is top class.
  8. Watched him closely in the last 2 games . He looks like a player that could be very frustrating for a team, especially when a game is not going your way. He tends to lose possession a lot, shoots from distance when a pass would be the better option. He doesn't seem to track back. He also looks like a player who can deliver a bit of magic. It will all depend on which will outweigh the other - the frustrating tonev or the magical tonev. To be honest I'm a bit sceptical about him at the moment but willing to give him the season to show us what he can do.
  9. He is at a higher level as a player at the moment than Aston Villa are as a club. After seeing his display against Liverpool it was obvious to the world it was only going to a matter of time before he left Villa. We(or any other clubs) did not need an statement from his agent to let club know he would be available soon. If we stay up this season it will be partly due to Benteke's performances and goals. Fair play to him, I would not hold any grudges, and I would wish him good luck at Arsenal, Chelsea , Man City or wherever he goes (as long as it's not liverpool). If we get 20 million for
  10. oh... we've signed him have we? here was me thinking this was just random media nonsense like the other 15 or so links today cheers redrum, it's great that you have your finger on the pulse at all times and are giving us the cast iron truth of what's happening at the villa, rather than wasting your time making ridiculous comments about tenuous at best media links thank you for wasting your time with your insightful comments, commenting on people wasting their time talking about tenuous at best media links. and we are a **** disgrace regardless of the truth in this link thanks mostly
  11. we are a laughing **** stock. thank you Randy lerner. 4 goals in 34 league games , got relegated , had a disastrous euro 2012, is almost 29. why???
  12. answered above - team spirit was killed by the manager that's why I don't take any of your posts seriously
  13. I never asked why fans don't like him, I was asking why some seem to think he's worse than McLeish. I rate them as equally bad nightmares. Houllier(like McLeish) completely destroyed team spirit. From one a team's spirit is gone, that's it. It like going to work in a job you hate, your performance will never be the best. He also insulted his current club like no manager I've ever seen in the past. Even the fact that we had to wait , what was it, two weeks for him to turn up. everything about him stunk.
  14. maybe it's because Lambert reliases Ciaran Clark has the potential to be a top class defender
  15. the more i think it this potential transfer the more i like it, especially if we keep Gabby. This would mean we would have a plan A, B and C. We'd half the goalpoacher in Bent, the target man in Carroll and the pacey striker in Gabby. It sound like Lambert through and through with his tactical changes. with a couple of good defenders, and if ireland came into form, we could be in for a great season. this would be a good deal if we got him for ~18 million, plus it makes liverpool look stupid which is even better.
  16. given is half the goalie he was 5 years ago. i've watched him with ireland all his career and he has been borderline world class almost all of his career. but with villa last season you could see he dropped a notch although he still was pretty good, but not at his best). obviously man city saw this also when they let him go. at the euros he had the worst time of his career and looked quite slow off the mark. I think the beginning of next season is crucial for him, a few great saves early season, and it could boost his confidence and he will bounce back, a few mistakes and it could be curtains.
  17. not a fan of guzan at all. hopefully he is being though of as number 2 at best. granted, he saved some penos, but a lot of that is luck, he seems to have no command at all under a high ball or in the box in general.
  18. Why on earth would anybody want martinez i dont know. the season before he joined wigan they came 9th. steve bruce had a 34% win rate with wigan. martinez flirted with relegation every year, and had a 26% win rate. it's bananas the hype over him.
  19. no matter what the circumstances, bottom half of the table for Aston Villa should be labelled as a failure. i still think we should be aiming for 8th as a club minimum. If Everton can do it with zero money, we should be able to this with some money.
  20. My number 1 choice is always Benitez. I think he has achieved more than expected at all his clubs bar Inter. And even there he didnt do too bad. I like the sound of OSG also. Could be an inspired choice. Not too gone on the idea of lambert to be honest. He's done well with Norwich, but his managerial record at other clubs is not too exciting bar a lucky Carling cup run. Wouldnt be over excited by Martinez either, but would give either of them a fair chance.
  21. I'd Schmeichel , Neville ,Cole , Ronaldo , Scholes , Giggs , Henry & Shearer. Had Vidic & Stam & fabregas also. I can understand Adams & Keane but No idea how Ferdinand made it. I'd also have Terry & McGrath and many more before him.
  22. Mick McCarthy'd get in the likes of Stephen Hunt, Kevin Doyle, Steven Ward for a few million. Add to that a bid for Robbie Keane and Damo Duff. With Shay Given and Richard Dunne we'd have Ireland's 2002 World Cup team, only ten years older.
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