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  1. haha made me laugh Ah well your only 39 years behind the times : [post=http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/features/sports-science-25-years-old/152245.article]click
  2. Good signing I have to say. Offers us another dimension and is a very intelligent footballer. I particularly remember him destroying us against Norwich last year.
  3. Seriously, who did you think we would sign? We are battling relegation for a third year running and will not pay big wages or large transfer fees
  4. congrats to the team for somehow managing to come out of those tough opening 6 games with a positive goal difference.
  5. Stephen Ireland is the epitome of what is wrong with the world today. ~3.5 million sterling per year is being handed to this utter waste of space. There are people working 50 times harder in third world countries earning 350 US dollars per year. Clubs should be learning from this and be offering at least 50% of the salaries bases on appearances & performances.
  6. We started out like we were afraid of Liverpool. Defence was pretty solid throughout however - as far as I can remember their only chance was the goal. Could have came away with draw. Leandro Bacuna looks like the next Ali Dia - the most useless displays I've seen from a Villa player in the last 6 month. Good performances from Vlaar, Okore, Delph & Gabby
  7. still cant believe people voted for him as Fans Player of the Season (2012) . this is his last year if his contract isn't it?
  8. I think it's a bit unfair on Baker if Okore goes straight into the first 11. Baker had a great second half of the season last year, and at times looked like our best defender. Okore looked ok today, but much too early to judge him. In general our defence looked dodgy to be honest.
  9. I've never seen a player score quality goals so consistently with Villa before. I'm a fan since ~89, so that includes the Yorke. Almost every goal Benteke scores is top class.
  10. Watched him closely in the last 2 games . He looks like a player that could be very frustrating for a team, especially when a game is not going your way. He tends to lose possession a lot, shoots from distance when a pass would be the better option. He doesn't seem to track back. He also looks like a player who can deliver a bit of magic. It will all depend on which will outweigh the other - the frustrating tonev or the magical tonev. To be honest I'm a bit sceptical about him at the moment but willing to give him the season to show us what he can do.
  11. yeah darren bent made such an impact today. really made those two goals. Bennett MOM? he was asleep for the kightly goal - look at his reaction when kightly scored. i remember why I stopped posting on here, too many stupid arguments by stupid people for the sake of arguing. we won today away to Stoke, played well, were the better team and people are criticizing the manager claiming the inspirational N'Zogbia and Bent saved the day. last post on here for a long time again.
  12. you would surely expect a bigger impact over 5 cumulative seasons than 27 goals between two thirty million forwards? oh wait, 7 million (weimann and benteke) have got us 29 goals in 2 cumulative season i would accept 7 million for bent this season, if we can hang onto weimann and benteke
  13. I respect your opinion pal... However i cant give lambert any credit, Again for the 27th time this season our bench is stronger than the starting 11... When is this dick head gonna learn that tactics, formations and big players win you games!.. Not big scottish ego's or yes men that lick the owners poo pipe!.. Im sick to fcukin death of scotts and yanks gambling with our hard earned cash and most of all our great footballl club!..We'r ASTON FCUKIN VILLA! For **** Sake Man!.. What are you talking about? Our strongest players are the likes of Vlaar, Lowton, Guzan, Westwood, Benteke, Gabby and Weimann and they all started today. exactly, that has to be one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever seen. The bench was: 01 Given (Guzan much better nowadays, Given is finished at the top level ) 30 Lichaj (Lowton much better) 08 El Ahmadi (Westwood much better) 10 N'Zogbia the only one who you could argue deserved a start today, saying that Bowery held up the ball and won the throw for Gabby's goal, and had a decent game overall. 14 Holman (Gabby & Weimann on the sides are playing great lately) 18 Sylla (bit of a toss up between him and Delph) 09 Bent (Just back from injury, and has done nothing of note in the past year, while Benteke & Weimann have been excellent, and Gabby is back to his best) Do you want us to start playing Stephen (cost Villa 8 million in transfer funds, plus 10 million in salary for 3 years for 1 goal, and about 2 decent performances) Ireland?
  14. great result. 31 points with 6 to play including Man Utd & Chelsea was'nt looking good. I reckon we'll need 39 points, so 6 points out of 6 should do it. 1 win, 3 draws, 2 defeats From today, Lowton gets MoM for a great display. Was caught out for Stoke's goal however, as was Bennett at fault a bit slow to pick up Kightly. Lowton having a great season, future england right back. Guzan was very commanding again all day. Agbonlahor would have gotten MOM only for Lowton's goal. Westwood, Baker, Vlaar, Bowery, Benteke, Weimann decent games. I have never liked Delph and hope he and Bennett will be nowherenear our first 11 next season if we stay up.
  15. Well Guzan has to get MOTM for keeping us the game early on and made some good saves / catches later on. Weimann showed again how cool he is on the ball, one of our players of the season. Under-estimated finish from benteke also, that was not as easy as it looked. Notable mention for Matthew Lowton, who was very solid and looks like he has a great future. Downsides are our defensive mistakes again, Clark, Baker, Bennett .... these mistakes have killed us all season. We have to cut them out. Overall amazing moral booster at the most important time of the season for us. We had to get 6 points from Reading and QPR and we done it
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