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  1. Well he's not come here as a starter, rotation if anything.
  2. True, think I'd mentally stored him as LB cover rather than further upfield.
  3. This is the kind of link I can get behind. Jack - Emi - Bailey with Traore, ELG and a Trez to come back is frightening.
  4. I only play single player league too. Occasionally play a few games of drop in Pro but positional based gameplay (but randoms tend to annoy me with their selfishness) Pro is the highest difficulty I go to otherwise it so blatantly screws you over I end up turning it off.
  5. The lad had it first and I thought it was stupid. Then the missus played with him occasionally and got into it herself. The YouTube was always on the TV as he loves watching gamers on it (So SmallishBeans, Grian, Scar, Stampy, Dream etc...) are household names at the moment - and to be fair their videos are quite funny and enjoyable, especially the SMPs. So yeah, now I've got it and we've made a world the 3 of us can play in together which is nice, but I've also started my own serious one now and I'm a building machine.
  6. I can't stop playing Minecraft at the moment. It's highly addictive and the fact its pick up and play is a huge bonus. I haven't turned my PS5 on in 6-7 days.
  7. Can we rename the trophy this year to 'Easy Mode Trophy' since there is only TWELVE teams?
  8. Surprised the whole country isn't immune now as we keep seeing massive amounts of cases, surely some people must be getting it twice by now.
  9. Cases can keep going up, but if the vaccine works as it says then hospitalisations and deaths should still remain minimal - which is key. As long as they remain low I don't think we'll be heading back into another lockdown.
  10. You'll be telling me you wipe whilst sitting down next.
  11. Luckily Rowley Regis is quite a fair bit above sea level (nearly 270mtrs I think). This 'moon wobble' is only going to make things worse.
  12. Nice to see Collina doing well in retirement.
  13. Isn’t the point of a sub most of the time to change tactics a little and change the game? Unless you’re Southgate
  14. A few people have mentioned Watkins going crazy on the beep test. I wanna see it with my own eyes!
  15. Funny how Sterling didn't take on but isn't getting the same treatment.
  16. That’s fine if you’re going to come up, pick a spot and smack it one. If you’re going to piss about and prance up to the ball you’d better make sure you’re hitting the target
  17. Rashford completely bottled it. Stupid penalty. southgate cost us this game with his ‘cautious’ approach. He can do one
  18. Ah bollocks. I have no faith in any of our players hitting a ball clean enough to score a penalty.
  19. He’s a dick. Went in with studs up over the top of the ball
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