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  1. I think I own every FF available anyway XD
  2. Everyone knows that if you make a profit during a transfer window it's a bad transfer window. Smith Out.
  3. Deano about to recreate Utds academy glory years under SAF. David Beckham - JPB Gary Neville - KKH Paul Scholes - Cam Archer Nicky Butt - Carney Chuk
  4. If anything it’s like not getting in the plane until you’ve seen proof of a full service history and that the safety features have been inspected prior to take off.
  5. But, it doesn't. gov.uk website. "However, even if you have been fully vaccinated, you could still get COVID-19 and pass it on to others"
  6. Good read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bottling_incidents_by_year
  7. Sure. Still social distancing. I'll wear a mask where/if applicable. If I get symptoms I'll isolate.
  8. It works in what regard? Because it doesn't stop you contracting it, spreading it, or becoming ill with it. Sure it might lower the percentage, but to me that's not enough to warrant getting it - especially as there is no way of knowing if there will be any long terms effects from having the vaccine yet. If, after 5 years, all of the data comes out that its safe, side effects are clear and it is proven to give 100% immunisation to it - then by all means I'll have it.
  9. Hearing more and more about double jabbed people who are becoming seriously ill with it.
  10. We can only hope the footage is released for viewing
  11. Grealish left, Watkins, Traore and Bailey injured. Not buying anyone else. Edens wants out. ITS ALL FALLING APART GUYS
  12. ReREmaster coming out for PS5/XBX as part of the 10th anniversary. https://www.ign.com/articles/skyrim-10th-anniversary-remaster-ps5-xbox-series-x A BRAND NEW FISHING MECHANIC GUYS!
  13. I'll probably load it up again and go through the Black Panther stuff, but as you said - there's no point to post game as it's just a samey grind with uninspiring level design.
  14. I've liked it. Purely because I want to get it to 20 likes so you have to read it.
  15. Think Sean Lock passing is the first celebrity death to actually knock me for 6. Spent a lot of time watching Cats over the years and he was a brilliant comedian. One of the few to bring me to tears with laughter. He seemed like a genuinely nice man too despite his grumpy demeanor. Well liked in the industry. RIP Sean.
  16. Surprised he's not being paid in bitcoin
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