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  1. 18 hours ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

    I think we would get destroyed defensively in the wide positions. Especially against a team that has attacking full backs. 

    When playing this shape we could switch Targett for Young until he finds some form but we have to play Cash in my opinion. 

    Cash certainly seems to be preferring the Wing Back role to the Right Back role.

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  2. 2 hours ago, rjw63 said:

    Thanks Rodgers you prick.

    Finally decided to.play, then throw zero tds to your number 1 WR but three to the **** RB. Added to a rushing td. Four scores 😠

    A projected one point win is now a 20 point defeat.

    I now see why everyone thinks you're a word removed, Aaron.

    I bet he did it on purpose just to spite you.

  3. 1 hour ago, Vive_La_Villa said:

    He needs to build on his strength thats all. Good job he’s only 18. Crazy one or two already think the kid won’t make it. 

    He's 18 and can't start for Ipswich?

    Get rid.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Keyblade said:

    I just impulse bought Final Fantasy's 7-9. The prices aren't too crazy yet, and I wanted to experience putting in the various CD's instead of emulating on my PSP as I was initially planning to do. All of a sudden I have a little PS1 collection. There's something about the black label jewel cases that just looks great on a shelf too.

    I’ve brought FF games on so many different consoles I’m sure I’m keeping them in business

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  5. 20 minutes ago, villalad21 said:

    Very weak from the club. 

    FYI that isn't what the club have said. It was me saying what I'd expect us to say if asked about it during a presser.

  6. If Dean was asked about it in a presser then I'd expect a response along the lines of;

    "Two of our lads were called up to represent their country in the Qualifiers. We let them go and do that as I know how much it means for a player to play for their country. It's up to the individual countries FA and FIFA to make sure rules and regulations are met in regards to the team they put out and to ensure the safety of the players travelling. We'll be sure to discuss this with the relevant people when the opportunity arises."

  7. 2 minutes ago, Tubby said:


    Yep, QB spot for me.  Wanted Baker but him and Rodgers on the same bye week.

    Can't quite believe Baker is still there though! Bargain for whomever picks him up, he's going to have a good year.



    Carr is still there too. Good option.

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