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  1. You have summed up the entire situation accurately in one post. I’ve never been so proud to be a villa fan as I am today. Rising above the opposition, their fans and staff. Jack laughing off what was probably a quite shocking incident at the time in his interview was amazing. ‘Best day of his life’ was a great way to answer.
  2. In midweek at least we had nice football to watch (Brentford..).. This was a dire festering turd of a match. West Brom hardly turned up and cantered to an easy win. Clueless...
  3. Oh definite 8... losing two points for being a blue nose...
  4. Sitting in a bar in Oslo minding my own business spending £12 per 3/4 pint when a happy waitress pops up and tells me she's from Kings Heath and earns £30 per hour waiting... Birmingham fan too....
  5. That is not quite correct: Q3. Are all goods supposed to last six (or five) years? No, that is the limit for bringing a court case in England and Wales (five years from the time of discovery in Scotland's case). An item only needs to last as long as it is reasonable to expect it to, taking into account all the factors. An oil filter would usually not last longer than a year but that would not mean it was unsatisfactory. Europe have been trying to introduce a law to ensure all electronic products such as tv's should be warantied for 2 years minimum. At the moment, a TV breaking down after 3 uears would be considered reasonable and would not be repaired FOC. Six years only covers a few items in reality.. On the other hand I have worked in the audio visual industry since 1987 and I would never recommend purchasing an extended warranty..
  6. Where did you get that info from? THe sale of goods act even in its latest revision does not include 6 years as far as I'm aware. You recieve whatever the manufacturer issues but your contact is with the retailer. The product must last a reasonable time, ie if a tv breaks down after 15months you could argue that it be not of merchantable quality/not fit for service. Most decent manufacturers will see sense over this. Panasonic recently a tv for one of my customers foc after 2 and a half years.
  7. Makoun tried to play faster, 2 touch football in my opinion. He always seemed to be looking for the next pass quickly rather than the Petrov/Reo approach.. Looking at his first start with a bit of optimism he shows great promise. He is the type of player we havent had at Villa as far as I can remember. I hope his fitness and feel for the premier league will improve quickly. He could just be the replacement (and more) for Milner.
  8. My missus (who thinks she is a bit of a songwriter on the quiet) is busy re-writing Robbie Williams' 'Feel' at the mo but in the meantime she has penned this little ditty...... (sung to daisy daisy - bloody hell...) Villa, Villa, Up with the claret and blue Villa, Villa Oh how we do love you You’re in our hearts and minds We wear our scarves with pride And we will score When the Lions roar It’s Villa for ever more not quite an anthem but first attemp
  9. first time i've ever been on a bluenose forum - feel really sorry for the poor little mites now - they sound so sorry for them selves....

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