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  1. Please Mr NasWes can we have Mr Roper make our kits forever?
  2. Could it be that Nas, Wes and Purslow are in Belgium? it is where Nas lives right?...
  3. what a find this kid is!? It really does take some doing to scout a GK this bad. Feather in the cap for Bruce & scouts.
  4. We could come up with an awesome song for him, but if it is not 'Yipee ay ay"... or 'Villa, Villa , Villa"....the holte end won't sing it.
  5. Must say, i am quite surprised and disappointed by this, I genuinely thought that he looked like one of our better prospects when on the few occasions I saw him, it was clear to see that he wasn't a left back and needed to be further up the pitch, I think him being played in that position was 'limiting' him.
  6. literally was just reading in the james chester thread and his name cropped up, popped on twitter and saw this... so tragic. RIP Jloyd
  7. He plays like a he’s a fan.. (one of our own!) so great to see. My love for him is becoming a little unhealthy now tbh... i can genuinely see him going on strike at west spam if we cant agree a deal for him to stay.
  8. .....And it’s HI HO ROBERT SNODGRASS!!!!
  9. So surprised with what I saw from 'Grabbs' (as the bloke behind me at Hillsborough constantly referred to him as) He is far more a 'footballer' than I thought he was, looked so comfortable and Productive with the ball, strong and intelligent with his movement off the ball and at ease with helping out in midfield. great signing. Hats off to Brucey and Keith.
  10. Win on saturday agnew never know, there could be clear daylight between us and the pack.
  11. I thought he looked really comfortable and assured yesterday.. although I think jimmy Chester had a lot to do with that. Loved his ‘pashun’ When he come over to the away fans at the final whistle. Good pro. Good work Tommy, keep it up.
  12. Looking back to the start of this thread for nostalgia.... wow. I hope it is part of the deal that he HAS TO play against us. In his favour.. I will always remember those 2 free kicks and the goal against Leicester in the FA cup qtr final ( the Sherwood in the stands and in the dressing room at half time) end of a largely forgettable era... bye bye leandro.
  13. Will not be missed! We really did sign him because he was a 'nice bloke' didn't we? Best of luck to him though and i hope he significantly plays a huge part in sunderlands failings this season instead of ours.
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