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  1. I was buzzing when i heard the news yesterday.. still am, things like this don't happen to us, and in the case of Jack's 'loyalty', it doesn't really happen in football anymore. His interview last night did leave somewhat less romantically nourished though. The sky reporter really wanted to make a point of how he had to be 'convinced' to stay by the owners (to fit the media's agenda of how desperate he was to join Manure) .. jack played up to that a little, i wanted him to say.. 'Stop chatting s**t mate.. i'm never leaving my club!..' Maybe i'm just being picky... Delighted all the same. Oh.. and well Done NSWE!
  2. Nearly up to 300.. ‘deal close‘
  3. We seem to play better after the restart last season... if it meant we won every week, I’d certainly stay away. Ollie strikes me as the kind of lad that would raise his game even more in front of a packed Villa Park. It’s not every day you become a massive football clubs record signing.. and to not make your debut In front of your fans Is a shame.
  4. Impressive tonight.. showing great potential and looks like he could make the step up physically.. seems to have had a growth spurt. Well done Jacob.
  5. This. Would have been nice to see a bit of the Matty’s tonight. Watkins I feel gives us the ‘all round’ threat through the middle that we have been missing for years...Can’t wait for Monday now... imagine the atmosphere at Villa Park if we were allowed in.
  6. main concerns with the potential signing of Wilson was his injury record/age/wage/ contract length. I am more than happy for Newcastle to take that financial risk. we are not 'that' club anymore and players coming here for one last fat bumper contract can go somewhere else. the only time this strategy ever really worked for us is from I remember.. is Paul Merson and maybe Brad Freidel (probably been a few more and I'm happy to be corrected) but it rarely works for us. I actually do not think josh King fits this bill..'if' we can get him at the right price for a lower wage on what out top earners are on, otherwise.. move on. as we did with Wilson. Lets be real, this was always going to be a testing window for us to bring in REAL quality, we finished 17th and to an extent, regardless of how much money we may or may not have to spend, we are still well down the food chain. With this in mind the 'right' deal for someone like josh king probably represents good value. he would certainly improve us, were Manure not in for him in January this year?
  7. Phil-O-Jean is not my lover...
  8. My Bad - Should have been - CM - Petrov 'There's only 2 Gareth Barry's'... imagine.
  10. cant believe connor didn't start yesterday.. would have fancied him to score...
  11. To me, after last nights display, our premier league survival depends on 1 thing, we need to swallow our pride and get a replacement for Wesley. Somebody who actually resembles something like a footballer. We are hindered so heavily by having somebody as poor as that leading the line for us. (Hope he proves me wrong, but I very much doubt it).
  12. Im not seeing anything at all (not even glimpses) from this kid to suggest other than we have signed a proper 'dud' here. I was excited after the Everton game, but that has now long gone. The kid just looks really unhappy, like he doesn't want to be here.
  13. Norwich look dead and buried by the end of Jan.. I would love us to go and test the water with a bid for Todd Cantwell, if Jack gets injured again (God forbid), he would be a decent replacement and a good investment towards the future if Jack did end up leaving us (God forbid) sometime in the future. I think Norwich would struggle to turn down £25mil.
  14. He is a nice guy and a decent honest pro.. but that gets you nowhere in football. Id much prefer us giving Either Hause or someone from the Academy game time in that position. Does Mungo Bridge play LB??
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