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  1. Good News on the 4 year Deal.. he does need a run games though... and preferably this season.. and preferably with us.!
  2. So many great memories to look back on thanks to conor.. almost too many to remember them all! He has been brilliant for us and by all accounts a top bloke, the type of character this club so desperately needed when he first arived. Playing over 130 times for this great club is no mean feat and he will be remembered by me as one of my all time favourites, not because he was the best, but because of his attitude. All the best conor! and hopefully we can see you back at Villa Park for us to say thank you! Once a Villan...
  3. Yes, i was so worried when that happened.. but between him a jed Steer.. it was never in doubt, won and claimed the lot. The game at the sty (same season) against SHA springs to mind when he partnered Mings .. the pair of them were collosal that day, in a hostile atmosphere too.
  4. I tend to politely disagree with you on this.. at the level that Benrahma is/was playing, for him to make the step up and justify the possible price tag, I think he should be turning up in ALL of your big games, otherwise.. its too big of a gamble and at 25, he is no kid. I do think he has quality, we payed 10 million too much for Watkins, we cant afford another gamble like that. Also, don't get it twisted.. Jack ALWAYS turns up when the pressure in on. 'Pressure is a Privilege'
  5. after watching Brentford's last few games, when the pressure was really on, he didn't turn up. for the money Brentford would want... No Thanks.
  6. He looks real busy doesn't he?.. for all we know, he might train really hard, help dean put the cones out..turn up early, go home late and even help the tea lady wash up.. but we don't know, so from the outside, we presume he is stealing a living.
  7. WOW! i really wanted barkley after all the talk of him possibly coming here but i never really believed he would. Loan or permanent, to have him here for a year will aid our teams development. what a window this is turning out to be, we mean business and for that, huge credit has to be given to NSWE and the management team. UTFV! Good Luck Ross!
  8. I’d love Barkley here, but only if he is motivated.. guess we won’t know that until / if he plays for us. I’d like us to go ‘balls out‘ though and buy him outright. People forget, he is only a year old than Grealish!?
  9. You are too nice Omar! Listened on the way home, pods are getting better each time. Really love how chilled And grown up the debate is, something that you should stick with, Nothing ‘gimmicky’. Villa Talks and ‘For the love of Mcgrath’ podcast are really nailing what I’m after in a Villa podcast. cant remember the names of the two guys that you have on, but they are both good.
  10. Great work Omar, just want to say, well done for getting them out so quickly.. can be tricky to prioritize stuff like this in the real world. looking forward to the Fulham pod on the way home from work!
  11. his big stumbling block is his severe lack of pace.. and the fact that he is made of polystyrene. I am also always concerned by somebody who seems so content being a bit part player. he will be here until his current deal expires. Another Brucey Bonus.
  12. I was buzzing when i heard the news yesterday.. still am, things like this don't happen to us, and in the case of Jack's 'loyalty', it doesn't really happen in football anymore. His interview last night did leave somewhat less romantically nourished though. The sky reporter really wanted to make a point of how he had to be 'convinced' to stay by the owners (to fit the media's agenda of how desperate he was to join Manure) .. jack played up to that a little, i wanted him to say.. 'Stop chatting s**t mate.. i'm never leaving my club!..' Maybe i'm just being picky... Delighted all the
  13. We seem to play better after the restart last season... if it meant we won every week, I’d certainly stay away. Ollie strikes me as the kind of lad that would raise his game even more in front of a packed Villa Park. It’s not every day you become a massive football clubs record signing.. and to not make your debut In front of your fans Is a shame.
  14. Impressive tonight.. showing great potential and looks like he could make the step up physically.. seems to have had a growth spurt. Well done Jacob.
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