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  1. So far i like samatta - he links up the play well. It's his first game for us i'm not expecting miracles.
  2. The more i watch villa more i'm impressed - We defiantly have a real chance of staying up.
  3. Jake is a really good player but i will judge how he does in the PL when the season ends - Anything could happen in between
  4. Don't be surprised if its allerdyce for the short term until end of the season.
  5. It's a nice thought but i doubt it will happen.
  6. I cannot help but feel that Henry will go the way of Di matteo its a big risk. He virtually as no experience.
  7. Best of I've seen us play for some sometime give Bruce a contract extension!
  8. I'm glad we won but need a lot of work with taking our chances. I like sterling but he is no way a good finisher.
  9. Hey guys I wonder if someone could offer me advice about internet services; I've just moved into a new property and have been without internet now for about two months - predicted date is about march when services will be connected. So until then i have to deal with mobile data or another form of internet services i'm not aware of. The Problem i'm facing here is the excess use of data i'm going through and the potential bill at the end of it. I've looked at unlimited data caps but only three offers this service and i will not go back with them (left on bad terms). so any advice who i could go with? or have access to unlimited data at a reasonable price. thanks
  10. Just found this interesting article - It could be now illegal for websites who purposefully stop net users from viewing website or forums whilst using adblocker. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/04/23/anti_ad_blockers_face_legal_challenges/
  11. Hey guys, Over the last week has anyone noticed a dramatic speed decrease in the Birmingham area? I'm on 200mb but only getting 4mb last week.
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