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  1. I can only imagine the damage bailey would do in 90 minutes real class player!
  2. Quick question as the date of his buy back clause expired?
  3. Actually getting some respect on Everton forum "Villa should be much higher up the table than they are, they have a cracking squad and one of the best youth setups in the country" That's one quote - Anyway, 2-0 home win i think.
  4. Played well last night goal n assist despite the erm low key atmosphere at the ground. Arsenal eventually became like that after all their success hence the name "the library".
  5. First time watching ramsey in the flesh he was exceptional today! Looks like we have some great players coming from youth.
  6. I feel bad for him smh He scores goals and nobody wants him (English teams etc). It's becoming more and more common English players going abroad prove themselves.
  7. Are we watching the same game? Grealish is playing really well with sterling. Once that relationship develops they will be lethal
  8. I don't understand the negativity towards the players today? We have new players that need to gel and perform based on their transfer value. This was the beginning of the season it was not 3-0 but 3-2 so that shows some character. it's not how we start at the beginning but how we finish tbh I'm excited for team over the season damn lighten up a bit.
  9. But every player as their dip in form - Before his so called bad displays he was doing something right? Smith obviously as faith in him hence starting to day. If it gets worse? i will hold my hands up your correct! Just judging to quickly my problem is.
  10. It's the first game of the season - Seriously, people need to chill out today. It's not like he is 30 but 24 years old and still learning how to deal with different types of players - This is a learning curve.
  11. We will be ok fans just overreact after the first game of the season
  12. It's only the first game of the season and Watford running on adrenaline being back in the prem. If we lose we lose just get better in the second half.
  13. I had a Sci Fi binge over the weekend few films stuck out Man FROM EARTH(2007) UFO (2018) COSMOS (2019) CLARA (2018) low budget films but if your bored give one of them ago.
  14. Damn, Jack looks nervous as hell during this training session.
  15. if Messi joins man city the league is over for next couple of years - There are other options on his plate boyhood club newell's or MLS.
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