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  1. me too. Narcos was brilliant, but Gomorrah really was incredible TV once it started going. Are they making more Gomorrah or is it finished for good now? And if they make a 3rd season of Narcos based on the Cali cartel, i will watch it, but it wont be half as good with no Pablo.
  2. It bodes well for the future. Its clear Tony isnt here to mess about, and the way he is signing off large transfer deals so quickly shows he does actually have some real financial muscle, and it isnt just all talk with him. We have an entirely new starting 11 and we need to be patient. We need to start picking up some wins, but i think once the new signings settle we will do fine.
  3. So your Benny Blanco huh? Maybe I don't give a shit. Maybe I don't remember the last time I blew my nose either. Who the **** are you, I should remember you? What, you think you like me? You ain't like me really bad person. You a punk. I've been with made people, connected people. Who you been with? Chain-snatching, jive-ass, maricon really bad people. Why don't you get lost? Go a head, snatch a purse. Come on, take a ****' walk.
  4. gutted we never got to see him have a run of games. Ridiculous signing and waste of money, and one of many seperate decisions that backfired and that added up to Relegation. I am curious on how many of the games he missed for us was he actually injured, and how many was he fit but not selected? I hope we have at least a 10% clause for any future sales, as he has the raw ingredients to one day blow up into a proper superstar. If he actually puts some effort in, and gets some good coaching, the lad could be some player. I dont mind losing players to teams above us, ive accepted this as
  5. that goal in the video above against Doncaster is drool worthy. The lad can definately finish. Just like all our summer signings, i know next to nothing about him. Looks the buisness though in those clips, and the general reaction of Boro fans is a good sign. Seems a much better value for money deal than we were seemingly going to do for Valencia
  6. Carlos Vela? top top player has matured so much since he left England, would easily be the best player in the championship by some margin. cant see him leaving Sociedad for the championship though
  7. Gnabry on loan would be perfect. Always rated him and has been tearing up the olympics. He needs first team football but Wenger wants to hold onto him long term. Loan would be perfect for everyone. In fact i would grab as many Arsenal loanees as i can. Toral was massive for blues last year and they are packed full of super talented youngsters not getting enough games.
  8. just be nice to see this guy get 90mins ffs, getting ridiculous now
  9. hi guys, what kind of starting stake did you start off with? im keen to give the £5 trial a go if its still on offer, however with zero gambling experience i expect this is going to be difficult to wrap my head around!
  10. Wow, just saw that lady 'witness' interviewed on bbc news. Says she saw him tasered, him fall, and then the police pile round and start kicking him. ''They were kicking him and shouting at him but i couldnt hear what they were saying, erm coz of the sound of the boots hitting him''.... Not the most convincing statement, and i hope its just the ramblings of a nutter. Poor Dalian, im **** gutted, a proper hero of mine growing up.
  11. yep from what i watched, although admittedly i missed the first half. Did Richards do anything worse than the abomination of that own goal? That alone should be a sackable offence. Oh and i dont want to see Richards at CB ever again either. I'd give him one last shot to see if he is any better than Hutton at RB, and if no then get rid asap.
  12. probably the worst CB performance i've seen during my whole time supporting the club Just before the goal he charged out of defence into central midfield, when there was little danger, put a powder puff tackle in then got bypassed. He then proceeded to walk / jog back while Luton attacked and we were left 3 v 4. I was still cursing him about that when he then passed the ball into his own net under no pressure at all. I was apopletic by this point and would have probably harmed the bloke if he had been in close proximity. Little talent there to start with, no footballing brain, and on
  13. Please RDM dont ever make me have to witness this chumps name on the team sheet ever again.
  14. cant understand why people want Veretout to stay. Saw absolutely nothing from him last season
  15. Peeps, need your help. I have first 2 weeks in August off work and nothing planned. I'm looking for suggestions for a trip i could go make on my own. I'm up for anything but only have a budget of about £1000 - 1200 (total inc spends) Was hoping for some kind of secluded beach holiday, or a thailand adventure, though the latter looks well out my price range. I'm now open for anything including one or two shorter city breaks. After looking online, holidays are for familys and couples only it seems, not singles! And im too old now for a lads holiday :-(
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