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  1. No room for sentiment. Sorry Bolton, but the 3 points for us are a must to solidify our play off place.
  2. Ever the pessimist as with our last 2 games, I've gone for a draw simply because I know the run will end eventually. Hopefully our Villa boys will prove me wrong again.
  3. Our current run reminds me of Gregory' when he took over from little. If my memory serves me well, we won 10 out of 12 games to qualify for a euro place (thanks to chelsea). Interestingly, the 2 games we lost in that run was to 2 teams who were eventually relegated. 2-0, 3 more points and we move on.
  4. Bliley!! So much negativity. Anyone would think we're playing PSG. Where's all the positivity guys?
  5. Yes, I think he would need convincing. I would imagine he would want to see what Bruce's plans are for the coming season.
  6. I could live with selling Jack if we had an option to loan him back for next season.
  7. I think Bruce will be the deciding factor in Jack being here next season. If he stays, Jack stays for at least another season.
  8. Going into this game I feel like i did when we faced manu in the league cup final under big Ron, and we all know how that one turned out.
  9. Is that the same Mike Dean who appeared to celebrate a spurs goal against us a couple of seasons ago?
  10. I dont see Cardiff winning either of their two remaining games. I think teams have wised up to their bully boy tactics. Fulham on the other hand should beat Sunderland. Although I think the black cats will scrape a draw. If we can beat Derby, which I think we will, this will set up a massive final day and who knows SHA may still help their illustrious neighbours to the promised land. Believe......
  11. It would be nice if they lost to QPR this weekend . At least it would mean they'd have to make some effort against Fulham.
  12. I think he has a massive part to play in our remaining games .
  13. Fulham still have difficult run in. I'm not ruling out finishing 2nd just yet.
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