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  1. Thought we held the ball and passed it well for first 15-20 minutes and then the heat must have hit cos we just got tired. Holman looked lost. Nzogbia just seem to give the ball away. Ireland's passes and touches were good but noone seems to be on his wavelength. Then he seems lazy. Bent doesn't get the through balls he needs to run onto. Delph played quite well as did kea but the 2 of them just sat in front of the back four which meant we only ever had 5 players to pass to going forward. Think that's why we kept going backward. No width is a real concern and no disrespect to lowton or baker but they couldn't cross themselves today. Vlaar and Clarke handled pretty much everything James Collins hoofed up to them, though vlaar was lucky not to giveaway a pen in second half Also has given been told not to kick the ball out long or is he injured? Some encouraging signs. But more players needed. Plus it was bloody hot there today. And their grounds a shithole! Vlaar man of the match for me.
  2. First away match for 13 years - hoping for the win but think it will a traditional opening day draw for us. 1-1.
  3. Thanks Micflair. had planned to put a begging message on that when it came up.
  4. I know they haven't been put up yet and I'm aware this may move when they do but need the lowdown in getting away tickets for next seasons fixtures. I'm living in northern Ireland and would normally get to 2-3 matches a season (home). however due to circumstances beyond my control I will be spending a few weekends in London this year and hope to get to our away games in the capital.(also bmibaby canceled their Belfast to Birmingham route). What is the best way to get tickets for these games as my booking history will be poor? Already booked to be in London for opening game of the season but think it will be really hard to get a ticket for this one!
  5. As this saga DRAWS to an end will this mammoth thread be shut down as soon as the club announce he is gone so we can start to put these depressing last 11 months behind us.
  6. Keep an eye out for the mail tomorrow. Going to be another pricey end to a contract if he does go which will surely come out of the next mnagers fund.
  7. Ahem. Thank god we didn't need anything from this last game.
  8. I fear another embarrassing showing on global television. Hope im wrong though. Just want to see the team go for it for once. Not sure that tactic exisys for McLeish though.
  9. Shay given Richard dunne and Robbins keane (if he signs) might be a bit more interested in this fixture now!
  10. Man of the match - Harry Reknapp's heart surgeon for timing his operation so he comes back and his team have the easiest of run outs. Never going to experience stress in that match. Would love to see how many passes we actually complete along the ground! Can we just fast forward to January now. Please?
  11. This is shocking. My prediction of parking the bus and humping long balls over a midfield brick wall comes true. Do they even do closing down the opposition in training. I think Harry's doctor had a word with him. Let's do your procedure so you are able to come back for the villa match. No way they are going to stress you out. Shocking bad - but then it's been me this for ages.
  12. I think Mcleish would love to have this formation Big huge Bus Heskey Dunne Collins Gabby Petrov Large Brick Wall Large Brick Wall Large Brick Wall Large Brick Wall Bent With the tactic to for Petrov to hit, blindly, long balls over the wall for bent to chase. Sorry i fear a tanking. Would love to be at it though - havent been to an away game in 10 years and always wanted to go to one at White Hart Lane
  13. Moyes will be the next united manager! What about Capello?
  14. Great result! Warnock had a mare in the first half! Milner very good! Can run for days! If only we had someone who could pick out some of the runs he makes. He gets into some great positions. Downing! Can't find the words for the frustration he creates! I really feel we have not been the same team since he was brought in before Christmas. Hope delfonseo gets a start before the end of the season.
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