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  1. Good blitz by the Seahawks. A team I have seen win an NFL game. Live. In America. Which. In a way. Kind of makes me a Seahawks fan (well, more than some).
  2. To be honest I just wanted the Patriots to win. I'm not really bothered from here on in( For you though I will support the Panthers)
  3. Lol I'm a bit drunk okay lets make up and look forward to a good game Deal?
  4. It's not about being a better fan. If you're a fan of a team thousands of miles away then credit to you. 'If'.
  5. Full admission. The Seahawks win I saw was in New York (well New Jersey). Now enlighten me.
  6. How gutted is he that he has to reverse that call
  7. Could the refs try any harder for the Ravens?
  8. Pass interference lol. The refs give the Ravens a half time lead. Good job Refs.
  9. Who is this big guy in the sky sports studio btw?
  10. You do know your corner-back right? Cough medicine
  11. Lets hope the Patriots beat the wife beating Ravens and then the Panthers beat those drug cheats Seahwaks
  12. I always thought I saw the greatest with Sharp and Gonzales but this guy is a bloody cyborg Like watching a man against boys. Literally like watching a man against boys.
  13. Come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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