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  1. Mmmmmmm this sounds interesting - can I ask - good or bad .... or even possibly indifferent?
  2. Its PC only at the moment - we have plans for Mac and Linux, plus mobile. Mobiles are a bit of a bitch as performance is really variable so the amount of work to get the game to scale down is a lot - but if it does well enough we intend to do it.
  3. Birmingham born and bred - though I live just between Lichfield and Burton Upon Trent now. There's two others involved, who are in Bromsgrove, and a few contract artists along the way, but that's about it. Yeah testing has been a bitch tbh - but we like the end result ;-) The music is good throughout the game to be honest - not just dubstep but bit of heavy metal and others. Quite eclectic
  4. Thought I would big up my own game that's just about to be released on Steam, called Ionball 2: Ionstorm. Its basically a really pretty Arkanoid+, so the older and more discerning Villa gamer might appreciate it You can find it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/287120/ Enjoy!
  5. Ohhh that's a slip - no way he is talking about players - he is talking about new owners - and that's not just wishful thinking (imo)
  6. You know out of all the links to potential owners the Tata one makes the most sense - they own JLR so have local interest - and Aston Villa could be a great advertising vehicle for them. Its probably rubbish but I could see this.
  7. What truth? Your truth..... Is that not hypocritical.... you must obviously be ITK if you can categorically say we should not be optimistic
  8. Yeah I know but I need to stay positive - the other scenario (i.e. no buyers in the background) is too horrible to contemplate. TBH got enough problems without worrying about my beloved Villa. Got to pray its all going to be ok ;-)
  9. Just had an interview with one of the Daily Mail sports reporters on Talksport who said he had heard whisper of Redbull being one of the interested parties.... That would be nice
  10. You can take it how you like, but your wrong. Your also wrong about having 6+ weeks, MON said he wanted most of deals in before pre-season. As pre-season starts 3 weeks today i think, so not as long as you think! Whatever - if your comment wasn't sarcasm then I apologize for misjudging you but I am not the only one who thought that it was a dig at Villa being slow moving. It just annoys me the panic that seems to infest the messageboard at the moment. For every post there is saying calm down we haven't got a problem, there are ten posts saying we have to buy know or we've missed the boat
  11. How did i manage to make anything negative about Villa? I was reporting a possible transfer that in the long scheme of things effects us.. "West Am just get on with buying their players.... " If you make a comment like that, to me that is a critique of Villa. (i.e. Villa doesn't get on with buying their players). But heh its all about opinions isn't it - I must be stupid to think that Villa have 6+ weeks to get the players THEY want and don't have to panic .like everyone else (as the transfer window isn't even open yet)
  12. And where does it say that West Ham have signed Bent??? I've just looked and there are no reports of Bent to West Ham. How can you make something that hasn't even happened a negative on Villa I have no idea.
  13. Right - not sure where to post this on the "no new manager today" post or on this but here goes. I have had a message from my contacts at Villa saying that DDay is tomorrow for O'Neill - he will be announced tomorrow (along with his two sidekicks). The contact seems to think a takeover will PROBABLY be announced at the same time but they weren't definite on that. They were definite on O'Neill. For the record I know two people at Villa, and both are saying the same things. Hope that helps. I know if this doesn't happen my virtual balls are on the line now but I can only tell you what I am to
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