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  1. Not being able to control simple passes consistently or complete simple passes for that matter doesn't bode well for him. His confidence is obviously shot which has to play a big part but to me he looks like a poor man's Andy Johnson, lots of running and being a nuisance but not a very good footballer. In saying that I would be thrilled if he turned it around and shot us to promotion, although even if we play two strikers which I don't think we will, he has to be behind Tammy and Kodjia anyway.
  2. Have you seen pictures of him lately? He looks like he should work as security for one of those casinos on Broad Street. Should have a case to terminate his contract for being a professional athlete in that shape.
  3. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    A centre half and a keeper?? No thanks pal, think we're good in that department.
  4. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    Hope he takes Ollie Watkins and that bellend Neal Maupay here with him.
  5. kiltorken

    Dean Smith

    I have that weird optimistic feeling again. Unsettling.
  6. Surely managers who were in the game a long time didn't have to get badges whenever that rule came in. I can't imagine Alex Ferguson ever had to do them when they brought that in. Maybe he did ?
  7. In a hotel in London waiting patiently, after travelling from Dublin, hopefully this is is the dawn of a new era. Even if its another false dawn, I'm not that bothered. New dawn be sweet though
  8. He could have won the next 10 games or he equally could have won zero of the next 10., it was time to go, we weren’t making any noticeable improvements. A change was definitely needed. It just leaves a sour taste witnessing some of the personal attacks and bile spewed by so many billy big bollox keyboard warrior Villa fans lately. I’m astounded at the level of support and glee for the throwing of a cabbage at the manager during the game, all jokes aside that’s absolute scum behaviour which no one deserves to be on the receiving end of least of all someone who was trying to do their best regardless of how poorly the team were performing.
  9. Or Gene Wilder, might bring a bit of much needed humour to the club.
  10. I'd say you're tremendous fun at parties.
  11. Yep, I'd also be in favour of a good manager. That'd be ideal.
  12. Bosz or AVB for me, Wilder maybe too. Wouldn't kick Hughton out of bed but not very realistic.
  13. So you reckon he will/would get us promoted this season ?
  14. I watched it and I thought it was a big improvement defensively, wasn't happy with the forward play myself but you have to be solid defensively first and foremost in this league before you can think about being attacking. Still not sure if we can get someone better in at this time, be very open to the idea but 2 wins for the top 13 teams tells you how competitive this league is, won't be plain sailing for anyone who comes in.
  15. Thought Jedinak was very good tonight though in fairness.
  16. In general play he doesn't seem to offer much but his goals and assists are so vital and the championship is a game of fine margins, does seem to make a difference.
  17. Kim Wilde is the Steve Bruce of pinups.
  18. Hard to believe, trying to work out how that might be. I wonder is it just Connors goal threat and Grealishs lack there of because in general play Grealish offers so much more even from a defensive point of view. Those stats have really bamboozled me!
  19. Thought he did very well, lacked a bit of composure which could have been very costly at times but made some vital interceptions as well, as others have said will definitely grow into the role and be a very fine centre half.
  20. Even his name is perfect. Boa means good in Portuguese, Villa means Villa in English so "Villas Good" Sign him up
  21. I think we're actually OK for left backs, could do with beefing up the cover at right back though.
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