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  1. 9 minutes ago, A'Villan said:

    Giving him the freedom to occupy anywhere in the final third or attacking half allows him to be the focal point, distribute the ball effectively and frees up others.

    That's it exactly, hit the nail on the head.

    His innate ability to glide past defenders and bring others into play would be almost impossible to replace. He's a truly unique player, our jack. 

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  2. 54 minutes ago, A'Villan said:

    One of the barbers where I get my haircut is an Arsenal fan

    He was at Wembley watching us live in the FA cup final, he's been a fan and monitored Jack since.

    He fancies him out-wide left in a creative role without the responsibility to come deep to pick up the ball.

    Me, I think Jack's proving both good and versatile enough for just about any midfield role except a purely defensive one.

    As for England, I'm in no way suggesting that Grealish isn't up to the standard to, but I don't think he will play ahead of Sancho or Sterling.

    Maybe play him ahead of Mount? I don't know, I've never seen Mount play a second in my life, so no idea what he offers.

    Certainly would have Grealish among the bench though.

    Jack's a lot of things but a left winger isn't one of them , it's hard to put any position on him other than a free role attacking player. He's at his best when he can float around in the attacking third, predominantly from a central and left/right of central position. 

    He's a free spirit, an attacking midfielder in the the matt le tissier mould I think ,  very hard to shoe horn him into any specific position and most importantly he's a team player. 

    Also I'm quite sure you've watched Mount play at least once at Wembley last May ! (could understand how you didn't notice him though to be fair) 


    Edit: if only he could learn to shoot like le tissier.... 

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  3. I saw people on twitter commending his passion in relation to the mings incident. I think that's a load of crap, the only thing he was passionate about was covering his arse for his mistake. I think he'd be better served keeping his mouth shut and listening to Mings. 

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  4. What a performance against one of the teams who should be muscling in on top 6. Unfortunately I could only watch on TV tonight due to not living in In England but I never saw villa park rocking so much in all my years going, made me so proud being a villan hearing the noise over the TV tonight. I feel we are part of a runaway train marching in the direction of success. Hope the owners and Smith stay for the long haul. Patience and appreciation are key for us this season I think. 

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  5. Just now, stewiek2 said:

    I'm sorry but someone remind me how much Jota cost us? There people is the bargain buy of the season from any club worldwide. Bloody hell he's a class act.


    Engels, wow he is our Belgium Mellberg already!

    He was excellent, truly exceptional. The guile and ingenuity he showed and oozed confidence. Great performance from the dainty man. 

  6. Can't gift any team 2 goals in this league, defences are too good at holding out against better teams than villa. We played some nice stuff at times but in reality we were very impotent up front, even our goal had to be a long range worldy. Too many careless passes from all over the pitch including mcginn and Grealish, Grealish I think looks like his confidence was knocked in the spurs game even tho i thought he actually played well until his mistake caused the goal, was poor today, struggling with the pace of the prem but his class will prevail. Douglas's passing was great but he did seem to get out muscled from time to time, in hindsight Hourihanes set pieces could have been vital today. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, GingerCollins29 said:

    A bit of realism is needed here. Don't wanna come on here every week reading comments from people who think we're title contenders.

    We played one of the best sides in the league away. We are a newly promoted team with new signings who need time to acclimatise. Games against spurs, city, plop etc are simply bonus games. The gulf in class between them and next weeks opposition are enormous. 

    Many criticising wesley and super jack. Poorer games by their standards granted but wesley was 2 or 3 against one at most times with no support. If he plays like that against brighton, bournemouth et al then granted but give the lad a chance - he's played one game!

    Jack was effectuvely playing as a DM today. Not his game and did his best. He is an intelligent player and will learn a lot from today. He will run the show against our 'rivals'.

    I absolutely trust Smith and ROK and have seen some huge positives. Heaton  engels, mings, trez, mcginn etc. The season starts next weekend for me and it is then we will start to see what we're mafe of. UTFV

    Spot on

  8. On ‎25‎/‎07‎/‎2019 at 00:24, midian said:

    Anybody know whats been sold of the allocation so far?

    Aound 2500 of the 3000 allocation sold after the 12+ away games criteria.

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