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  1. I think we may get Giroud today - just a feeling
  2. Same source who told me we’d be getting Dean Smith has said Sturridge has flown in today to sign for 4 million. They also told me we were in for Bellotti in the summer so I’ve lost a little bit of faith, however he’s been right a couple of times before.
  3. I still think we’ll get a target man too. We needed a different type of striker to Wes even before he got injured Which Samma is. A Benteke or Silmani on loan for 6 months to cover Wes covers all bases. Drinkwater to cover McGinn Reina to cover Heaton Benteke to cover Wes? Samatta Winger/inside forward? (Gaston Peireira maybe)
  4. So far Reina and Drinkwater in short term replacement of Heaton and McGinn seems decent business given our predicament! The Wesley replacement will be interesting - Benteke on loan could be likely. But that just replaces what we’ve lost - it could be argued that we needed more attackers before the injuries so hope there’s at least one more.
  5. I think the thing with our system is, it’s just as important that the CF can be a target, hold the ball, link the midfield etc. Benteke can do that no problem. If he plays 90 minutes week in week out he’s a 1 in 3 striker which is better than we’ve had! I’d have him - who else are we realistically going to get?
  6. Smith has always been confident of a striker before the Man City game that would mean we could well get a signing tomorrow!
  7. More goals than Wesley and in a better league
  8. Seems our links to Piatek are gathering pace! I know nothing about him but he has a good record!
  9. Giroud would be an excellent bit of business. Cebu Tosun could be a good second piece of business too if we can’t get Giroud. Was an excellent player before he went to Everton. Jarrod Bowen should be the first one we go after! Bowen Grealish Giroud
  10. Has got to play every game! We look more capable of winning games with him in the team!
  11. nnock1984

    Dean Smith

    Tricky one. I want Smith in the job long term, but can we afford relegation? I’m sure spurs ideally wanted to persist with Pochetino, but there was a point where they had to make a change and so far it has improved their fortunes. I’m not sure what I’d do, anything less than 4 points from the next 2 games and I think the board will be forced to make a change!
  12. I’m somebody who hears tit bits from time to time and passes them on to you lot to rip apart before generally being proven right!
  13. Glad we have someone who could be bothered to look!
  14. I’m not in the know and never profess to be!! However for anybody that can be bothered to look back at the Dean Smith thread, you’ll see I called his appointment before anybody else. Same source has told me Benrahma is done. The exciting striker is Belotti of Torino - he’s in advanced talks but it could go down to deadline day. Make of it what you will.
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