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  1. This Although for me LB and RW are less vital than the other 3 positions. If we got those 5 positions and kept Barkley over the next two windows, it’s eye watering to think what could happen moving forward. Just for fun (over the next two windows) Rico Henry Tuanzebe Kalvin Phillips Barkley Rashica Abraham
  2. For me, if we are to do business, I think there’s 3 key areas to strengthen. CB CM ST I’m concerned if Mings/Konsa, Luiz/McGinn or Watkins are out for any length of time. We’re battling for Europe now and need better depth!!
  3. Imagine we’d have pulled the Rashica transfer off too!! Eye watering! For the first time in ages - so much fun to watch!
  4. I can see us signing Josh King. Definitely won’t be signing Benrahma.
  5. Do we need all premier league signings in by the end of Monday too? So it’s only championship players we can sign after then?
  6. Rashica or Sarr Barkley or RLC Victor Nelson Job done. I think El Ghazi will be close to being sent out hence not involved today. Same with Guilbert which is a shame but I think we need some cash in to complete the above. Nyland, Kalinic, Engels can also be moved on. Martinez, Steer, Heaton Cash, Elmo, Targett, Taylor Konsa, Nelson Mings, Hause Luiz, Nakamba Barkley, Lansbury, Ramsey McGinn, Houihane Traore, Jota Grealish, Rashica, Trez Watkins, Davis, Wesley That’s a great 26 man squad fo
  7. Looks a player - reminds a lot of Barkley the way he drives at players! Maybe we get Barkley on loan for the season and Ramsey gets 40 games in the championship before coming back!
  8. These seem to be the players out of favour:- Kalinic Nyland Guilbert Engels Lansbury Jota Samatta If they are all sold, we would need a CB, CM, winger and maybe another ST.
  9. With Samatta going and Wesley not back until the new year and probably not back to full fitness for quite some time after that, surely we’ll be signing another striker alongside Watkins and Davis.
  10. I think this guy is being signed as back-up striker myself. It’ll be Grealish and Rashica either side of a striker.
  11. Just watched his highlights again, really shouldn’t have . . . Really really want this one to come off. Most exciting link of the summer.
  12. Cash, Watkins, Martinez, Traoré, Rashica would be one hell of a window for what would look to be an initial 93.5million. For the perfect window, I still think we would need an experienced CB, and powerhouse CM. I don’t see us now getting a back up ST as both Traoré and Rashica can play there. I think we would need to move some players on first:- Nyland and Kalinic Elmo Engels (if CB comes in) Lansbury Jota Davis (Loan)
  13. Not keen on this one - hope I’m wrong! 17m could have surely got close for Buendina?
  14. I’d be shocked if we get another 30m+ striker! Watkins hasn’t been bought to play wide!! I think we’ll see King who can play across the front three positions and is cheaper.
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