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  1. I think Lerner has done alot in terms of sprucing up the Ground and getting Villa once again talked about. Sadly not for our football. However, I would be interested to see if this is what he is famed for? How the Cleveland Browns doing? I gather when he bought Villa many Browns fans warned all of us that he invests and if does not get results becomes disinterested and simply watches.
  2. Viagogo not sure how they work out there fees etc. Just sold the game for Man Utd..its listed at £31 yet I get £21 then they minus fees and end up with £18 squid. Not being a mathematician seems this is taking the piss. Bad enough charging £31 for a ticket which I guess is Market rate so fair enough but then to offer £21 for it and then commission on top for the sale. Who have Villa signed up with the Devil. Just wondered if anyone has experienced these bandits and there views.
  3. Has anyone got Craig armstrong Escape as a short mpeg for the mobile. Reason is we have a meeting next week at work and two of the guys in it are blue noses and one mentioned everytime he hears it he thinks of the 5-1 smashing his team got! Cannot resist the chance!!
  4. General would just like to pass on my thanks for making me a proud Villa fan today. The coverage of our sponsorship of Acorns today in the national paper was first rate and positive for both Club and the wonderful charity that Acorns is. Just a thought though with the likes of Chelsea receiving such monies from Samsung (region of £50+million) can the next sponsor on our shirts donate all monies to Acorns. It would be great if we could get something like Nike in association with Acorns . Just a thought and something which will assist both Acorns financially as well as giving them the same level of coverage.
  5. General, I feel a special shout out should go to Mr Petrov. On this forum over the season the lad has taken a bit of stick due to his performances mainly due to the fans high expectations from him. Today he was exceptional and really showed the kind of quality we all expected from him. If you get chance if you could pass on my personal thanks for hanging in there, holding his head high and roaring like a lion today. Great example to our youths and anyone who is not firing 100%. Dont give up, work hard and pesevere. Thanks General.
  6. Yes but his one vote cost 11%
  7. Yes but please work on the transfers
  8. Happy New Year General. I sadly did not venture to the Park for the Man Utd game today as I assumed that Tickets were not on general sale but sold out. I was shocked when I heard on the Tv the crowd was far less than capacity. When I logged in to buy tickets last week I noticed I was not offered any for the Man Utd game is this the norm or am I better off contacting the Ticket Office? Dont mind either way but I just assumed as I was not offered I would not be eligible. Checked today and dont seem to also buy tickets for Liverpool away even though the AVFC says they are available? Would be good to clear up if possible.Thanks General.
  9. What a great result yesterday was although two things did mar the result. Firstly, the ticket price for the away fans. On friday I went on the Birmingham City website and you could still buy tickets for £25 for their fans. Absolutely ridiculous. Secondly, caging our fans for an hour after the whistle. NO OTHER club in the Country has such a policy for local Derbys, though if I remember years ago South Yorkshire did it in the Sheffield Derby and it let to street fights around the ground. I hope that the FA will look at their fans behaviour and act accordingly; especially with recent events in Italy. Finally, when we have a repeat of this fixture can I suggest we raise the price of away tickets? Also if any fans are to be caged in please make sure it is the away fans. "Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself"; saying that you can (A Yorkshire saying that Mr Gold May be aware of! Please feel free to use it General if you wish as I know he struggles with the American sayings )
  10. Errors can easily be forgotton when we end up with 3 points
  11. Must bigup Petrov...Sometimes his passing went astray but ran his socks off and played his heart out. Hopefully this will be the start of his season! Up the Villa!
  12. General, I would very much be grateful if you could pass on some comments to Mr Marlon Harewood. There has been alot of negativity expressed at the guy when he came to the club and his performances recently have not been to the high standard that I am sure he expects from himself as a professional or we do as Villa Fans. I ask him to perserve with us and work harder to put the awkward start and the nightmare he had yesterday. Fans are fickel and I am sure he will have a bright future if he works hard, shows keeness and a commitment to the club. If he does this and scores a few goals he will be a firm favourite. Maybe a couple against the blues will do that Currently, it appears when on the pitch Harewood is trying to impress to much; namely defending and giving away needless penalties. Calmdown Marlon it will come. Concentrate on the basics and keep going. One thing I think all fans do want from you is 100% commitment. Run your socks off close down the keeper if he is walking out the area to launch the ball etc. Come on Marlon show us what you have! I believe in you and many do. Thanks General for all your time and hardwork. Mr Moggy
  13. Very well written John. 100% accurate though personally I think the buck should lie more with MON: 1. Substitutions: As written earlier where was Berger? I wish also we had kept hold of someone like McCann. He would have been great after we were 4-1 up last night! 2. Defending so Deep. Spurs are known for scoring goals not keeping them out. Their defence was awful yesterday. So why play to their strengths and let them attack and attack? It was only a matter of time and he could see the lads were tiring. Moving on at 5pm if you had told me I would leave work to watch Villa Score 4 at Spurs but only to leave with 1 point I would have taken it. Especially at the start of the season they were seen as potential challenges for European places. In the last 8 weeks people need to remember we have beaten Chelsea, Everton, drawn to Newcastle and Spurs all European contenders. We should all take a positive from this.
  14. General, I was wondering if the Club could rerelease the Villa Hero tops from a couple of Years ago. If I remember rightly they were long sleeved shirts with the crest on the front and the name and number of the hero on the back. If I recollect they were in White, or Blue and were for the past heros Mortimer, Gray, Shaw, McGrath. They sold like hot cakes and with a prod history would definately add to the club shop. I am sure there will be a back catalog out there with the details. Thanks General. Also on another note thanks for your advice on the ticket history. David in the ticket office sortedit. He is a credit to the club. :notworthy:
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