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  1. Given the right job, I would live in London. Kensington. I do like Brighton and the Cotswolds in general. In the West Mids then it has to be the Four Oaks area. Yes, you pay a premium but it is worth it.
  2. People who aren't taking the horse meat scandal seriously
  3. Xela

    The iPhone Topic

    After reviewing all the options and having an extensive play with a Samsung Galaxy S3, I have finally decided to upgrade my iPhone 3GS that I have had for approaching 4 years. I'm getting an iPhone 5! To me, it does all I want. Yeah it may not be as customisable as Android phones but fannying around customising my phone doesn't really hold any appeal to me. So yes... lack of imagination maybe, but i'll be staying in the Apple camp for the forseeable future.
  4. Martine McCutcheon declared bankrupt today. If she needs a shoulder to cry on... or somewhere to sit, then she only need call me!
  5. Xela

    2013 Holiday Plans

    Excellent! Never been to Laos but done the others (although I do need to spend more time in Vietnam). You got a plan of action?
  6. Xela

    2013 Holiday Plans

    So what are your 2013 holiday plans? There have been quite a few threads about your favourite cities and travel experiences but what does the year ahead bring? For me.. off to Thailand and Hong Kong in 10 days. Only a whistle stop break though... 5 days in each as i'm meeting up with a mate who is travelling around Asia. Not sure about the rest of the year. Got lots of ideas but I'm at the age now where lots of my mates are settling down and having kids so I may have to start going away on my own! I'd like to see Japan this year. Also fancy the idea of a train journey across Europe. Plus a week in the sun somewhere... maybe Barbados. Ultimately depends on what my bonus is like next month. How about you guys?
  7. Xela


    I'd say that is a given!
  8. Well, at least that's cheered me up on a Sunday night!
  9. I love a good overreaction. Good player yes, but nowhere near the best in the world Who's better than him? Xavi, Iniesta, Alsonso, Ozil, Toure etc ...Fabregas, Busquets, Modric, Schweinsteiger
  10. I love a good overreaction. Good player yes, but nowhere near the best in the world
  11. Xela

    The Film Thread

    I intended to stay up for it but fell asleep on the sofa I think I might pop the DVD in tonight. Fiennes portrayal of Goeth is staggeringly good. It reeks of pure evil.
  12. Xela

    The Film Thread

    Watched Schindler's List last night. Definitely Spielberg's best.
  13. Weekends away? It doesn't need to be expensive. Or you could just go out on day trips at the weekend? Are you bored of doing the same thing? Or bored of each other?
  14. I couldn't cry over a game a football... it's just not that important. However, I do appreciate that other people think differently and if it is such a huge part of their lives that they feel the need to cry then so be it. I won't think bad of them for that.
  15. I think dying young or in tragic circumstances gives someone a kind of mystique. Same could be said for James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or Kurt Cobain. If it was McCartney who was killed instead of Lennon, would he have had the same? Speaking purely from a personal view, it was McCartney who penned all of my favourite Beatles tracks.
  16. Xela


    I'm kind of resigned to going down. Our defence is the worst I can remember in my 25 years of being a fan. Conceding late goals at Swansea, Albion and Everton might be disappointing, but they won't be the reason we go down. It was the home defeats by Wigan, Southampton and Newcastle that will do that.
  17. She's a cock tease mate. Loves the attention.
  18. Absolutely nothing of note. Reading, gym work and sleeping! Will be in Bangkok 3 weeks today so having a few quiet weekends before then.
  19. Typical modern day footballer. That being said... would we be any different? Chance to double your wage and sign a longer contract than what your current employers would offer.
  20. Never knew it was closing! I remember when it was put up... I even worked there for a while. Star City is a dump. I remember going there on the opening night (they had a nightclub called Mustard, I think)... it was decent back then. Full of words removed now.
  21. Xela

    General Chat

    They probably don't have a UK driving licence anyway!
  22. Xela

    Phone Contracts

    Anyone on EE comment on how their 4G speeds are?
  23. Xela

    Phone Contracts

    You know, I don't think I have actually ever sat down and studied to see if i could get a better deal in ages. I am the perfect customer for a company - apathetic! I could probably save myself a pretty penny by looking at my electric provider, landline/broadband package, as well as your suggestion above. Right, that is now my mission!
  24. Xela


    59! Two Yorkshire teams were my downfall!
  25. Xela

    Phone Contracts

    O2. Switched to O2 a few years back when they were the only carriers of the iPhone. Got it on the standard £35 a month contract. After 18 months, when my commitment was up I downgraded to a sim only contract. I pay £16.50 a month now... I think I get 200 mins (average use is about 5 mins a month!), 1000 texts and 1gb of data. I think. Whatever it is, its more than enough as I never go over the £16.50, apart from when I'm abroad. No real loyalty to O2. They have been ok over the 3 and a half years I have been with them. Probably had to call them 3 times maximum.
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