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  1. Oh come on, could they not stump up the extra £250k. It think it's called saving face by not paying the full asking price. Typical scousers
  2. Oh come on, could they not stump up the extra £250k.
  3. We've been preparing our bid for the last 7 days, it must be one long fax that someine is sending
  4. Just put it as your sig mate it would save you having to write it on every one of your posts or re-posting it when you forget??? This
  5. Again, post on poster. Try having an opinion on the team. I do have an opinion on the team, and a very positive one at that, you should try it some time, it might make you feel better. Anyway, im really looking forward to the season starting and supporting my team. Im pretty sure we will make signings this week that will give the place a lift.
  6. Sorry Mike, can you please direct me to some posts where you do anything except post about other posters?? Do you have anything to contribute at all or are you just an antagonist?? FWIW, if you look at the quality goals he scored, they came whilst he was managed by Hughes who obviously managed to get the best out of a volatile personality. Sorry to let reasoning get in the way of a good dust up! Sorry pal, can you please direct me to some posts where you anything expect have negative things to say about Villa? Do you have anything to contribue at all or are you just a negative
  7. Get over it man, your like a stuck record
  8. Lets be honest, he has never had a good run in the spurs team. He was signed by Jaunde Ramos and Daniel Canaloni and not Rednob £3, would be a steal and he has still got about 5 years left in him.
  9. Spot on, 451 when we dont have the ball, 433 when we do, thats why its important that our midfielders can defend. Hope Marc Allbrighton has been working on his tackles
  10. Well go and support Norwich or Swansea, they play nice football. Villa have not played good football for a long time
  11. and what if Nzogbia is the replacement for Downing only? Albrighton. so 2 wingers in whole squad great..... You dont always need 2 wingers in modern day football, the key to a good football team in the centre of midfield, which has been a problem for us for a long time
  12. General, its really crap being a Villa fan at the moment, hope the board have got something up there sleaves to give us a lift
  13. If we are to sell, then thats the figure i would be happy with £8m profit on a players who has had 1 good season is not bad, and if liverpool can afford £20m on Henderson, they can afford £20m on downing
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