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  1. Also, England were definately the most entertaining team of the 6 nations, who said we couldn't score try's.
  2. Brilliant, well done Ireland, England 2nd and Wales 4th... Thats fantastic, Welsh GS my arse, arrogance gets you nowhere... Soooooooooooo pleased Wales lost.
  3. Crikey, next time you get a feeling let me know and I'll be sure to back the other side if this is anything to go on.
  4. I rarely use my mouse, I am a keyboard short cut master.
  5. He's a cheat. Wouldn't dispute that, no matter he is still the best player in the world.
  6. The best player in the world is Richie McCaw, of that there is no doubt, and I am no fan of the AB's or Canterbury, Wales are a little over average, and the minute they face a slightly inform team they crumble. Now I'm not saying England are better, no in the slightest, but they will be, England are re-grouping and learning all the time, to demolish France like that means the talent is there, it's just bringing the discipline and teamwork together. I'm still wondering who this Ingerland rugby team are?
  7. Nope didn't say that Gringo, there is a long way to go, a long way, and I do think if England had played with the discipline the had against france they would have beat the taffies, no doubt and the Irish... It'll come, it's a time for rebuilding. And I don't see anyone calling "Ingerland" World Beaters, whoever "Ingerland" are, isn't that a football team?
  8. Well, looking at Englands performance against France, I wager a replay between England and Wales would be a totally different result.. England being runners up in the last world cup, were did Wales finish? Wales are OK, but not as good as you make out, all teams are beatable, and England especially are going through a period of rebuilding.. stronger and stronger every match. Oh and by the big 3 nations you mean NZ, SA and England?
  9. It's a possibility. But to be honest, I think the Argies know hand on heart that they'll get trounced royaly most years, just like the northern teams do, but they will fancy their chances at a more steady improvement in a 7 nations. Same scenario as Italy though, and I don't think the Argies are as bad as you think, they play some very good rugby.
  10. But I have a feeling the Argies will join the Southern Hemisphere's Tri-Nations, it kinda makes more sense, being in the Southern Hemisphere and all that.
  11. Deleted - Post on Poster, saying nothing and trying to cause an argument - Bicks
  12. England were excellent today, probably the best performance of all teams in the entire competition... Lets hope it's a corner turned.. If we had played like that against the Welsh and the Irish, it would have been England with the Grand Slam.
  13. The unions caused it not thatcher... blame scargill if anyone...
  14. Of course it's not justifiable, and as mentioned above you can't tar a whole industry because of the actions of two. These people weren't your everyday murderers (not that I know what everyday murderers look like) and if the strike hadn't happened would probably have lived their lives without blood on their hands. They were desparate, their lives and livelihoods being quashed at the whim iof a mad woman in london. They were wrong, undoubtedly - but when people are driven to such actions you need to question the underlying cause. This wasn't simply a fight over some coal pits. This was
  15. Scargill and the Unions were to blame, scumbag strikers prevent good, honest grafters from working under threat of violence, total scum, Thatcher got it completely right. Socialist scum holdig the country to ransom..
  16. nrogers


    Shouldn't it be Baseball v Rounders? Cricket is ace, Baseball isn't IMO.
  17. I don't hate Everton at all, they are just too close for comfort, and it's Mr Rogers to you.
  18. I know... but I live in hope, and you should take that as a huge compliment, you know the same as if I said "Ace Tits"... :wink:
  19. Hope you get relegated AG, no offence..
  20. None of them were even on a par of 78 and this year, not even close... Ian, so I suggest YOU get your facts right, like I do in most posts.
  21. Isn't it funny the last two huge financial crises have occurred under a labour government.... I'm sure there is a common denominator here.. Incompetent, well you decide.
  22. Gordon Brown shows even he is embarrassed by the Ian's deflectionism.
  23. Seriously, I am so glad you're not chancellor with opinions of that nature.
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