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    Matty Cash

    I’d keep Guilbert. I’m sure we can persuade Bruce to sign Elmo again
  2. I could see Arsenal approaching City for him, so City buy him from them after City buy him from us. If this was the case I’d hope we’d offer city whatever profit they’d make to get rid of the clause.
  3. Posted a video on his IG training in Mykonos
  4. I’ve finally received the refund for two matches. Looks like they’re doing two a day over three days.
  5. He’s made his account private too so I guess he was getting bombarded with messages asking when rashica was signing
  6. He used to work at Brentford before villa so follows a few other Brentford players too
  7. Have you changed banks or credit card that you paid from?
  8. I’ve had an email tonight saying they’ll process the refund for each game individually over the course of up to 5 days. doesn’t say when though
  9. Wigan need to win the appeal against the 12 points deduction otherwise blues are safe
  10. Hi General, I heard on Soccer AM (a saturday morning football show) that Crystal palace have recently bought a franchise in the second tier of American Soccer. Is this something Villa would look into to not only enhance the Villa brand in the States, but also provide a source of young talent?
  11. I see Billy Jones at Crewe has been put on the transfer list, definitley a good prospect for the future
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