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  1. Finished another Tomb Raider remake today.
  2. Sie


    Also contender for soundtrack of the year for me. Music this aggressive isn't usually my thing but its exquisitely produced. Pitch-perfect in complimenting the onscreen action and getting the adrenaline pumping.
  3. Sie


    Most of the time, that exposition is cut short by Doom Guy himself. id Software put across his "no time for shit" attitude with an abundance of self-awareness; they know that no one is playing this game for story beats. Its the biggest surprise of the year for me so far and fully deserving of the praise its getting.
  4. Its been a few months since I've finished something but I finally got around to it this past weekend. Its more pretend film score but this time, the theme is space. The story I had in my head when I composed it... "Adrift and alone for weeks, the remaining survivor of a disaster on board a deep space research vessel awakens to the sight of the approaching rescue ship"
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