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  1. Great thanks for the help guys, hoping to meet up the Liverpool game, cant wait!
  2. Hello! I've have recently moved to New York and wondered if there is a supporters over here? I have googled it and there are a couple but the web site looks like they may not be that active any more.. Anyway would be good to meet up for matches and the like, getting withdrawal symptoms having to give up my season ticket! Dave.
  3. RIP. I may be completely wrong but was paddy the fella who wrote the 'fish finger' letter to Doug Ellis?'
  4. I've just watched the new harry potter film, its a bit far fetched, i can buy the fact that magic exists and ther could be such things as wizards andn unicorns but a ginger kid with 2 mates???
  5. barack obama having a wank Mohammed Ali opening a can of coke.
  6. A man walks in to his house with a duck under his arm and says 'this is the pig Ive been ****'. His wife says 'thats not a pig' to which he replies, 'I wasn't talking to you'
  7. Does anybody know how Gavin got on?
  8. There's no way if I was drinking alcohol I could last that long, I took a 3 litre bottle into the crowd last year when the Verve were headling and just refilled it when nature called! I couldnt even last one set.
  9. What did you do when you needed the toilet?
  10. myoldman

    The Twang

    Thought Id bump this because they have got their second album out soon, and have just released a free download. hear if you fabcy a listen... I like it a lot, slower then there other stuff, looking foreward to hearing the album.
  11. Dont know if this has been posted before but is very funny... [url=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=O-pd3ekzVr8Everybody underestimates the kick in the groin
  12. The way I see it, think of every shot as if it was an open goal, if it would go in its on target, if it wouldnt then it's off target, I know it sounds stupidly simple but 9 people have still voted 'on'. Presuming the question means, woodwork and back out, not wodwork and in.
  13. **** me it's Graham Coxon. More like Christopher Reeve!
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