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  1. it's really hard to find any positive to this display, not sure the selection helped anyone in the starting 11, not saying that the manager cant motivate the team to play one of the best in the league but something isn't right
  2. I was recently in the company of a colleague from Buenos Aires and we got to talking about football, he was a Boco Juniors fan and we watched match of the day on the Saturday night over a couple of beers. When he heard booing at half time in one of the matches he asked me 'why are the away fans out-singing the home fans with boos?' when I explained it was the home fans booing he nearly chocked on his pint. He could not believe that home fans show such negativity to their team, he said in Buenos Aires it is unheard of whether you are a BC or RP fan, I told him the same thing occurs at Villa Park and he genuinely seemed quite sad, his comment was 'how can any team feel free to play football when they know they will get booed for everything'. This really hit home with me, Villa is our club and we are entitled to voice an opinion, I know we get frustrated with form, individuals, the manager and the owner but we can have an impact, lets stop the negativity and support the club, owner, manager, and players if we all pull in the same direction things can improve, I for one do not believe a change of manager is warranted or required, lets back Lambert and the squad they need us.
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