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  1. Still hard to say since there will be more incomings and outgoings, but if Benteke stays and the squad remains the same...anywhere between 9-12th for me.
  2. knowing Lambert, it will most likely be somebody well off the radar Seriously though, with extra cash to play with, don't rule out a more established player(s), since we should be able to pay the wages. As long as the attitude is right and they suit the way we play, then im pretty sure Lambert will do that.
  3. It does not mean anything though, since when the real stuff comes along, the players will be 100% fitter than they are now, and that's all its about. Its just practice at this moment in time. The only friendlies that will have any type of cutting edge will be the final two/three where the Manager will have them playing the way he wants them to. But even then, I would not read to much into it.
  4. He wont be going anywhere for less than the 25m that has been stipulated. He can do what he likes, but that's not going to change. The nearest example to what will happen is the Gareth Barry/Liverpool saga. If Spurs are indeed serious, then there is only one way this will go.... Randy will not fold on this, and neither will Lambert. Its about setting an example to certain agents and telling others that Villa do not roll over when one of their best players is tapped up. And like I said earlier, whilst this has been rumbling on in the media for the last fortnight, Spurs have not put in a
  5. I think we are, but things are probably on hold whilst Lambert waits to see exactly how much he has got to spend on one.
  6. Personally I would prefer ALL that money to be re-invested into the squad and not be used on people like Ireland. Why? Say he doesn't get signed he would be on the books until next year taking home £3.1 million from us. Offer him a million out of the 25 we'd hopefully get from Benteke, not really a big deal. I know what your saying, but for me, it would be wasting it. Remember, its not Irelands fault his earning what he is, that's down to the muppets who agreed to sanction it in the first place.Besides, im not convinced that Benteke will be leaving, so we should just pay
  7. he's worth £30 million + to us and we have no reason to sell for any less. I still think he's mainly trying to get a better pay deal with us or see who comes in for him. I'm not convinced he actually wants out, after all he seemed to enjoy the games he played for us and got on well with team mates and fans etc. Asking for a transfer is the best way for him to get what he wants / better wages etc. .If he replicates or improves on last season maybe a ridiculous offer in January could prise him away, however we could be pushing for Europe / silverware ourselves this year T
  8. Personally I would prefer ALL that money to be re-invested into the squad and not be used on people like Ireland.
  9. Yes, but sooner or later we are going to have to look at things if these are still around. Lambert will want all his plans in place by the time the season kicks off. I cant see anybody touching Ireland with a barge pole, Givens wages and age are another stumbling block on shifting him, so that leaves only Bent out of those three that may be gone any time soon. We may have offers for other players to come, i.e Bannan, but I think sooner or later we need to push on with our own plans.
  10. what do you mean? Im guessing hes saying that a certain player we all used to love, may be on the funny stuff if he believes his agent has his career at heart.
  11. Now that's a way to annoy benteke to the point he refuses to play for us if spurs didn't match the 30m. It would also make us look incredibly small time. Bad idea I say For us and the player Im still convinced its Chelsea. All this Spurs stuff is bluff for other targets they may have. If they really wanted him, then they would of approached us by now.....they have not. All this media spin suits them I guess.
  12. Would be nice to make a signing this week. Would take all the attention away from other things!
  13. Its very plausible that Spurs are using the Benteke situation has a smokescreen since no bid or approach has been made by them.
  14. Any fee below 25 million is treason. Ive learnt tonight that Benteke is going no where unless that fee is met........common knowledge. Thing is, ive also been told that the reason we wont budge is his agent. People at Villa are pretty annoyed because the player had given no intention that he wanted out. In fact, what ive been told was Benteke was happy with staying for another season and thinks well of Lambert. Feelings are the player is taking to much from what is agent is telling him. He is to close to his agent and feels loyalty towards him. The other bit ive heared is,Spurs a
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