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  1. Touche. Perhaps my wording is poorly assembled but we have freedom of expression right? Not freedom of speech. Making martyrs of the scummier elements of the media could backfire massively. What we lack is serious discussion imo. If the government or bbc or whoever challenged the daily mail or whoever instead of pandering to it we wouldn't be where we are. I've mentioned before about government departments applying the daily mail test to press releases or actions. Where someone will be asked to consider 'what would the daily mail say' which is shorthand for what the blowback in the press will be. Now that is tail wagging dog stuff, and I might add, a tail beholden to corporate interests via advertising. As others have said above, the govt make decisions based on holding or gaining power, the media play a huge part in that, but it is scary we've moved away from doing things because it would be correct to do so. The court of public opinion would have stopped many of the advances we recognise today as good or decent. Gay rights, women voting, all sorts. Courting Murdoch's approval is the problem.
  2. No and also, politely, no. What we should have is laws about hate speech, incitement and a regulatory framework that is applied consistently and upheld. Outside of that we need education. Banning speech or wrong-think is a slippery slope I want no part of.
  3. This winds me up also. Over here isn't much better. I'm all for recycling obviously, but most people are unaware of the money making commodity the people that collect it are interested in or indeed the huge % of it that ends up in landfill. It's getting slowly better. But really slowly. It's a problem that wouldn't be hard to fix at all either. It just wouldn't generate profits. So we don't bother, pay lip service to it, fine people for non compliance and chuck it in a hole in the ground and pat ourselves on the back. Mental.
  4. See, this bit is why I can do a bit of silly giggling and rubbish jokery, but I can't join in the angry pigeon holing of huge swathes of the population. The only persons I know personally who did any celebrating in the street was my 90 something year old relative who very much lived through the war and the family members who live with her as carers. When I spoke to them last week she was planning to sit outside the front door shouting across hedges to her equally old neighbours in her street where they've mostly all lived for decades and know each other's names. To dub her as a brexity moron is, quite frankly, moronic. As is the way we, as a wider society, are taught to celebrate war as mrdj points out rather well above. That these rubbish human types exist in society is not in question surely, but to my mind, reading over these posts has reinforced my absolute hatred for stereotypes and group think. Both sides debating this have made good points and bad points along the way I think. The reality sits firmly in the middle imho. Anyway, if we've got that out of our systems, there's a war against a virus on, and that one against terror still, and the one against...
  5. It seems tomorrow's heil has a FREE* Tea towel to support our NHS and care heroes * not free. Thank **** for that. We're saved.
  6. Madness. *Our house, in the middle of...*
  7. And rather endearing it was too. Poor love, having your own ism must be quite the burden.
  8. I never understood the visceral hatred for that Jenny McCarthy lady. She seems nice.
  9. It's also apparently 134 years to the day that the first carbonated beverage named 'Coca Cola' was sold as a patent medicine. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coca-Cola
  10. In 1898, some 122 years ago the first ever Italian football league matches took place in Torino. The first ever title was won by Genoa that very same day. The only team not from Torino to compete. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_football_league_system
  11. June off of Gogglebox, 82.
  12. Like people conveniently airbrush the Prussian army out of their thinking at Waterloo...
  13. All good. And also for the record, growing up in a small town as I did, we mixed with all sorts. I used to hate a lot of the bullies and ' hard men' growing up, but then as i got older and hopefully wiser I realised their upbringing was rather more violent than mine. It was a nature/nurture angle I was going for if that wasn't evident to people reading. As in, let's not be too judgemental and that. Until we've walked a mile in the moccasins...
  14. Don't think my sarcasm meter is so broken as I think you're serious obviously but broken enough so that I cant tell if this is aimed at my musing or not? If so, it was hardly a generalisation.
  15. Up hills innit fnar.
  16. Oh, so that's who voted brexit, I thought it was a slur against the uninformed saes
  17. Leave off xann, the masked singer is really popular
  18. I was assuming it was done off the largest self identifying cohort. So that would make sense. I was most surprised that west Wales wasn't as densely 'welsh' as the valleys. Perhaps that's the students. Either that or meibion have a new recruiting tool eh?! My east Midlands geography was never that hot - is that Leicester all purple in the middle there?
  19. Devolution says wait for monday when we can go outside for more than one exercise a day. There's a not uninteresting graph, with all colours n that.
  20. It's asset stripping plain and simple, but, you know, clapping.
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