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  1. Definitely the busiest the roads have been seen down this way throughout The Event™ so far. People are out and about it seems.
  2. The Cove is proper harsh viewing. Brilliant documentary, but hard to sit through. Won the Oscar iirc.
  3. Perhaps because you've changed what was being said to oversimplify it to make your point...
  4. Yes, notoriously vague, brief and succinct the law eh? Like pocket book sized. Never at all subsection 11 paragraph 5 clause 2 - like is it. At least now I understand why you were suggesting the nhs just has to count beds and Google it to the dept of health the other week. I think you have a tendency to oversimplify things to match your perception.
  5. In law? You can't be serious. You're trolling right.
  6. We'll find out in about 3 weeks I think.
  7. How many pages of people clearly stating their confusion? How many people in the park (on that police tweet)? How many people crammed on the tube this morning? How many arrests and hospital admissions on VE day? And yet people still stating they don't get what the problem is because of their perception and level of understanding. Staggering blindness to the realities playing out in front of us all. Truly staggering.
  8. Funnily enough, yes (Alex Gibney's work is excellent imo)
  9. Perfect indeed. I love the graph especially.
  10. I fear most people can't think much past their own wallets. Look at the ex malaysian pm complicit in the 1MDB scandal. Still hugely popular with many of the poorest in their society because of the money in their pockets before elections, despite an over $10billion fraud that will keep the whole country in debt, and those poor people poor as hell, for years to come. We are so easily bought off or distracted.
  11. I love the parallel highlighted about Koresh in that politico article.
  12. "I'd like to ask Five Star... " ©Going Live 1989
  13. Harvard Business Review https://hbr.org/2006/06/the-wisdom-of-deliberate-mistakes I'll save some people the bother but quite a leap, I don't understand how the world works, the article is about market research in business not politics and, all things considered i am on reflection a knob. Still, interesting reading imo.
  14. When does the sheer amount of mistakes become hard to reconcile with good intention?
  15. Exactly, I know its just the beebs words though. I couldn't imagine poorly worded government statements or anything.
  16. Is it just me or are these not the same thing?
  17. From hope above To despair below. We're proper shit aren't we
  18. He's put money in (executive producer). He's not in it at all fwiw. @Ikantcpell is right. Worth it.
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52608132
  20. And you lot over there can drive places from Wednesday, but don't drive over here guys. Don't get caught out by the different laws either side of the border.
  21. Cool, mine was a simple question
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