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  1. Be the sole survivor of a global apocalypse
  2. Centro don't run buses. Try National Express.
  3. Yeah, that thread is mental. Are they all high or something? They've got a crew of VIP posters, the 'Golden Muppets' who are trying to wind up the plebs with talk of Fat Sam. Quite entertaining.
  4. Us poor Villa fans are ripe fodder for the trolls at the moment. Talksport have mocked up a photo of MM holding a Villa scarf in front of the Holte. The bell ends. Don't fall for it folks!
  5. I think he will end up at Coventry (serve him right!) so when the fans there start hating him his pals in the media can say it's because he came from the Villa.
  6. Nice bloke? So what. That and 40 points a season will keep you in the Premier League.
  7. Money Saving Expert - a great site for all things financial. Advice on here has saved me a packet over the years, plus they do a monthly email with all the latest info which is well worth getting.
  8. We are being trolled by our own club! :shock:
  9. This is all a bit of a wheeze at the moment isn't it. We can have a bit of panic and drama without any real possibility of actually getting relegated. It's still a bit scary and about as real as I ever want it to get.
  10. QPR's remaining fixtures should keep us up. I think Wolves, Blackburn and QPR will go. Squeaky bum time though and a disgrace for our club to be in this position.
  11. All the money he loaned us to invest in the squad has been wasted, we are right back where we started and heading south. It's such a shame!
  12. Wigan, Blackburn = 6 points, no problemo. They are awful, we are marginally better. We will stay up, surely. AMC will be Villa manager next season regardless, and then the problems will really start.
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