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  1. Newcastle deserves better owners than Ashley but I wouldn't want Saudi Arabia owning my club. I've worked in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is not like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They may be peddling this lie that they are opening up and changing but I won't be going there again in my life that's for sure. I feel the Geordies are so beaten down that they don't care who takes over at this point.
  2. Managed to avoid spoilers... Great show. Young bucks and omega always deliver! Stopped watching WWE totally now, 3 hrs of aew and Sammy's vlog is enough.
  3. They still have to spend ten days in a travelodge before that game- have 2 days to train after.
  4. 10-12 is about as high as I see us going. Lower if these injuries and players missing due to internationals continues.
  5. This is where we need a good number 2 like Heaton. Someone who could come in, do well and take their chance and the shirt. Martinez knows he can go and get the starting place right back. I bet he wouldn't be going if Heaton was still here and fully fit. Buendia also- I mean we started a 17 year old today, they know they can do what they want.
  6. Will need the full house to pull the team through this one. We've started the season with so many injuries- cant really remember having 3/4 first team out at once last year.
  7. I ordered mine and 2 kids first day they were available. All arrived- kids few days after adults (maybe a week or so)
  8. His reception at VP will probably come down to how we are doing when we play man city. Going well in the league with Bailey and Buendia starring he'll be welcomed. If we aren't it won't be good for him. There's enough ill will that's it's no certainty that he'll be cheered which is crazy to think about really.
  9. I really think we need someone on the left. The plan can't be to play someone out of their favoured position there.
  10. If he believed the club were in such good hands he wouldn't have moved. A lot of fans won't forget.
  11. Got to be honest- not sure on this one.
  12. I wouldn't have begrudged him going last year, but this year it feels like we could push on. I'm still traumatised by the Xia days to have faith he could be replaced by 2 50 mil players or more likely 3 30 mil level.
  13. For those with kids/doing multiple memberships using incognito mode helped a bit for me. I also had it crash during ticket ID link once but seemed to go through. God knows if it's all ok though. Will prob end up emailing the ticket office at one point. Thx to who suggested incognito above.
  14. Any system that requires you to make email addresses for children or to use multiple of your own email addresses is terrible. Whoever designed this must know its ridiculous
  15. Im stuck in an endless loop of asking me for my fan id on desktop, but it works on my phone. Then some of the buy membership links just say details to be released soon. Going to clear cache- but this system is really user unfriendly. You know its bad when they have to produce step by step guides. Now reading the above Im worried about my daughters ID on my email...
  16. Can't wait to boo Southgate, Saka, Rashford and Sancho next season. Especially Southgate. Booooooooooo
  17. Simply wasn't needed this game. Ukraine were terrible.
  18. The Ukraine defending has been horrific. Doesn't seem to have been mentioned by the commentary team at all.
  19. I am a big believer of getting youth on loan for a season- I don't see more than 1 or 2 being major squad players next year. I think we are looking at 22/23.
  20. I like it but I can never match with randoms... Like ever on Xbox. Is that me or the game?
  21. How can they not be convicted if theres evidence they kicked him in the head after he is tasered? I get they could argue about the excessive tasering saying it took time for him to go down or something, but how can this be argued against?
  22. Beaten by a better side. Simple as that. With Grealish there's always a chance but that team today was always going to struggle.
  23. Has it been said anywhere how the extra 5 are calculated? Would England get an extra place every season, or is it some strange rules across all of Europe. Last time I checked there were more than 5 countries in Europe- so do they just pick who sold the most shirts in Asia that season?
  24. I'm firmly in the kick them out camp. The league would have less money, but it still would get a decent TV deal and there would be a readjustment on wages, fees etc. It would work itself out. Whereas if these teams get to play in this sponsored closed shop it is the competitive end for every other team domestically. I also think they over rate their worth. I didn't watch the premier League when we were in the champ, and I bet a lot of fans won't watch this super League of it's something they never have a hope of taking part in. Yes the plastics in Malaysia, but the English fans across the country won't.
  25. Actually thought he was better today than usual, but he has not taken the creative pressure off Grealish this season and that was his job. I actually wonder if he is just permanently injured now. Smith doesn't trust him to start clearly.
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