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  1. Tough game but one we have to go and win. In terms of the team I think you go as strong as possible but with a decision to be made about who is most appropriate for the opposition rather than they played the last game eg Nakamba was great in a game v Leeds where they had most of the ball however his passing stats are not always great and so you may think someone like Luiz is more pro active on using it better - Alot of teams do this in terms of team selection but Villa fans (On twitter especially) don't seem to be used to this thinking, probably as we haven't had the options like w
  2. Either 8/10 or 4/10 - Wingers can be like that..... Not his night but has had plenty of good days for us
  3. Making a few look very silly on here...... Absolute rock again and all you can hear constantly throughout organising the whole team 13 clean sheets to date and a summer trip to the euros - Well done skipper
  4. Proof will be in the team selection, hes not going to hammer Barkley in public when there is quite obviously something wrong with him and his confidence
  5. Are we now seeing the true effects of the outbreak? One burst of energy v Man City but in truth lethagic in every game since. Everyone I now that's had this has struggled to get back to normal for a good 5-6 weeks (My 12 year old son has had a cough for 5 months and couldn't play youth football re it stopping because of it) especially with breathing and energy levels and im including some very fit people in this - Looking at our midfield inparticular last night they looked leggy throughout and i just wondered if we are seeing the after effects
  6. cb_82

    Dean Smith

    I thought that, there was a clear difference in views on something
  7. cb_82

    Dean Smith

    The games where we have been hammered this year in particular thinking of West Ham, Leeds and Southampton first half is where teams have pressed us and force us into errors. West Ham played really well last night and just pushed and pushed every time we had the ball at the back and we had no way of playing through. Dean Smith has been brilliant for Villa but there is something in the fact we haven't come from behind to win this seaon, that for me is around being able to change games in game and last night was a prime example. The one thing that stood out as soon as the
  8. One bad game and ive read social media comments he should be dropped..... give me strength
  9. We still not having Declan Rice in our side? Played with his slippers on last night......... energy, tactical control of the midfield, positional sense........... Need to take off the claret and blue glasses at times, top player and from what i can see a top lad to
  10. Doesnt have to be a replace, just part of the squad and competition, could easily play that Luiz role - Luiz hasnt been as good last 5-6 games for example so could replace or even play centre back which is where he started out
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55820961
  12. I really like Rice, definitely would have him for us
  13. What a big game this is again but with completely different pressures to the one at the end of last year, real chance to get some points back on them and the sort of games that you have to win (against rivals) if you want to get that top 8 finish. That said think this will be a really tough game, as mentioned by others its the physical side of things where I think we have a bit of a disadvantage and we have to be better in midfield then we were v saints although i fancy our attacking players to cause them plenty of problems too Im going 2-2 - Barkley & Watkins
  14. MATCH FACTS Head-to-head Southampton are vying to beat Aston Villa in five successive league matches for the first time. Villa are winless in nine games against Southampton in all competitions since a 3-2 triumph at St Mary's in December 2013 (D3, L6). Southampton Southampton's solitary victory in seven league matches came at home to Liverpool on 4 January (D3, L3). They only scored three goals in those fixtures. It's back-to-back defeats for the Saints, who last lost three league games in a row in November 2019. Nonetheless, 29 points is Southampton's sec
  15. Definitely an agenda with Mings IMO.... Cash fails to stop 2 crosses - Barely a new post Mings gives away a corner that Barkley/Luiz fail to defend - Mings post explodes as does twitter
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