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  1. A win against West Ham would be massive! Holding out hope for a tremendous out of the blue performance that turns heads and gets our confidence up.... Bracing myself to concede another important goal from a set peice! As it is we will NOT stay up unless we stop shipping goals obvious i know but evry time i say it feel that the reality may not hit me that hard when it actually happens...
  2. Walked away after the Wigan game saying that we really need a big athletic destroyer to help more of our fragile players impose themselves on the game. Maybe Sylla is this? And a centre half was also mentioned Hangeland would fit the bill (wages to much though ) Dunne back from injury would also answer this problem - maybe out for the season? I feel sure we will address this but think it will be an unlikely name,as it is an obvious shortcoming but there are NO links.... These two signings may help us make a fight of it but looking at our fixtures.......
  3. Welcome Yacouba! There is no pressure on this guy as i see it.... Unless he is out of his depth like some of our other players this season. this of course is entirely possible but assuming hes half decent then hell only help the cause. UTV
  4. Tonights match is not the place for howling abuse.... Its easy to say dont, but when they concede the opener from a corner again! How do we stop ourselves?? If ever we need to come together as a club it is tonight and and till the rest of the season but HOW when there is no encouragement either on the pitch or off it? In general relegation battles are prompted at a club by the chairman(splashing cash),The manager(inspired tactics team selection)or maybe a player coming to the fore with vital goals or leadership! We are being shown none of these yet are expected to roar the side on? WHEN ALL WE HAVE IS ANGER AND FUSTRATION about what is going on in front of us......
  5. He is a good player the type we need if we are to sucessfully rebuild after this season is over! We all like his workrate and eye for goal! Would the workrate standouts so much if others in the team had the same endevour? I think the one thing that stands out for me is his strengh of character,this player is not a little boy lost and has a great future.But to talk about 90k a week contracts is going a bit far considering his main atributes(atm) are determination and workrate... Im sure he will know this so im backing him to sign again relegation or not
  6. Having sit there listening to fans of other clubs having mediocre/average seasons talking to you like the Villa never have been any good and they always knew this is what would happen! I had to explain the other day,after been told we deserve this because we are arrogant and always expect to win that we expect to win because we usually win more often than we lose.... When this was laughed at because "two trophies in twenty years is shit" i pointed that a club with the fifth highest points total in league history has to be used to winning games! I know that you are only as good as your last game and in the eyes of some supporters of others clubs our history means nothing. Better gets used to the jokes eh!
  7. Just watched the You Tube video of Adolf Hitler planning a trip to Wembley....Some people really do have a lot of time on their hands Funny though!
  8. Agree! The none footballing people in the canteen at work are the worst, its hard to politely laugh! But i'm getting better at it....
  9. Not sure how this will go down? We are a laughing stock at the moment theres loads of jokes doing the rounds do you hate it? Or can you laugh it off? This one made me smile: "i bought a claret and blue sledge today,never seen anything go down hill so fast!" They say you have to laugh or you will cry! With relegation looming should we all learn to laugh at ourselves a bit more? UTV
  10. Relegation is the only outcome! Lambert has to stay....if we get rid we become a basket case club! Look long and hard at this situation we find ourselves in it will get worse,I expect at some stage in the next couple of years to be in the bottom half of the championship.This has happened before, a miserable decline from European Champions to bottom two in the second division but we didnt stay there.... We have no rights to our Premier league status and we have mostly championship quality players in the squad so that where they will end up. Just as things go wrong over a short space of time at a club like Villa the can be fixed over a short period of time, it will come im sure of it it may take one inspired signing to turn things... But the club has to stay strong and pick a path they beleive in because if we keep chopping and changing The a Leeds/Sheffield Wednesday type future beckons
  11. I suspect the likes of Jose Boswinga and Dijbril Cisse have to carry their fair share of blame also? Still think he is a realistic option, the side have shown on many an occasion this year that they are not lacking in ability just type of influence his type of player would provide!
  12. Its only a matter of time before Shaun Derry is surplus to requirments at QPR. I'll get my tin hat out now! Maybe take him? On the basis that he seems to be a calming influence..... theres a lot to be said for that when we are being battered like in the second half on Saturday. Remember the siginings of Steve Sims and David Hunt by GTMark1 i'm thinking on similar lines here... I'm sure a lot of you will have doubts about his ability? But along with a returning Richard Dunne maybe a temporary low cost option to our lack of experience?
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