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  1. Tony has already said he doesnt believe in re-signing players
  2. No it isnt, we were offered him for £5m. This from Jan 2008 http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/aston-villa-in-for-5m-rated-radamel-falcao-721726 Then this 18 months later, when we were linked again and also considered Cavani http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/south-american-hot-shots-aim-97269
  3. We also declined the chance to sign Radamel Falcao in favour of signing Heskey that window!
  4. Finally everyone can stop talking about ex villa players returning
  5. We have a sell on clause if Traore gets sold so an extra few quid in the kitty.
  6. I hope Bacuna leaves this window. He was a disgrace in the Brighton (at home) match when he kept trying to take the free kicks off Hourihane, throwing his toys out of the pram then refusing to take part in any attacks for the last ten mins because of it. I was at the game and watched him do it 3 times, then the last time he bounced the ball on the floor turned and walked back into our half (from just outside the area) and stood there with his back to the action so didnt even watch to see if we scored and carried on doing so even while we took the corner that resulted from the free kick. Not gonna be any harmony amongst the players while he is acting like that. Shame as I liked him before that match but lost all respect for him now.
  7. He is only reportedly signing a one or two year deal (depending on which source we choose to speculate on). The point I was trying to make is that it will be £4M ONLY if we get promoted. In which case, it wouldnt be another £4M next season as we cant get promoted twice. If you can find someone better to help us get promoted for £4M then great, I'm all for it but personally I feel JT would be less of a gamble than someone without his experience or someone from abroad that would need time to settle, get used to the english game, etc.
  8. Regardless of how long his deal is, that is the cost of having him for this (promotion chasing) season
  9. With no transfer fee, £60k p/w plus bonuses for promotion we could end up paying Terry £4M over the year. Lets be honest, who are we gonna get in for that money that will do a better job with less gamble? We could basically buy someone for £2.5M and pay them £30k p/w, Probably without his pedigree/experience. So, those that consider it a gamble not worth taking should have a think about who we could get for £4M (including salary & bonuses) that is less of a gamble and better value for money. Bare in mind that its only actually £4M IF we do get promoted as well. Its not our money, the cost of players these days is insane anyway so forget the finances. Would our squad be better with him in it or not? Of course it would!
  10. Reports are saying £60k p/w but not sure how that is known at this stage. Got to remember there is obviously no transfer fee involved though.
  11. In their defence, the Villa hierarchy have only been here one year!
  12. I thought he'd posted one of Tonys twitter messages!!!
  13. Yes I understand your valid point of view. Would've been handy to bring him on for last 20-30 mins to defend a lead though!
  14. I agree with this. If JT was on the pitch when we were conceding all of those last 10 minute goals earlier in the season it wouldnt have happened, he simply wouldnt allow it to happen that often. We will defo improve defending corners as well because he can organise a defence. His experience will be a huge asset and the defenders around him will learn quite a bit from him.
  15. So you believe Terry is worse than Elphick and Richards?
  16. No idea bud. I would assume that not all of his no-shows last season were down to his fitness but possibly some of them being down to the manager preferring other players (from a far superior squad to ours) in his position. At 36 though I would hazard a guess at around 18-20 games. In an ideal world that will be enough to cover for Baker when injured so we dont have to see Elphick or Richards at the back. When God signed for us a lot of people wrote him off as past it due to his knees being shot but he read the game so well that it didnt matter. All will become clear soon enough bud, this time next year we will know whether it was worth it or not (providing we sign him of course) UTV!
  17. IMO John Terry will not have deteriorated overnight to the point where he is worse than Elphick or Richards! He is head and shoulders above them (in more ways than one), scores goals, has vast experience and is an excellent defender with leadership skills. The cost of having him does not concern me as Tony will be providing the finances, not me. If anybody is concerned about signing big name players and paying them silly wages then I suggest you use this to get used to it as Tonys plan has to involve us doing exactly that if we are to compete in Europe a few years from now! On the flip side, if he signs for Blues then I hope that along with a few others he contributes towards a wage bill that cripples them in the same way Harry dropped Pompey and QPR in the S***
  18. That was in response to a tweet by Beth Merrick, shes our top scorer for the Villa Ladies team.
  19. Well Tony said the 2 coming in are at 95% and 99% then said thats all for january window so cant see any last minute bids happening
  20. Was gonna like this but I am limited to 40 likes a day for some reason?
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