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  1. According to a danish football site. Villa has shown interest Jonas Knudsen from Ipswitch, togeather with other clubs. https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/avis-villa-kaemper-med-om-jonas-knudsen/ Made a good impact in the danish squard in the world cup... has a hell of a throw in. He is left back
  2. They say a takeover is close, either by a local investment group, or a english club (Aston villa) the latest news where that there would be a update today at 10.00, but i can't find anything about it. But 4 of their best players has left on a free transfer, because they havnet gotten payed for last month.
  3. It has made it to other danish news papers to https://ekstrabladet.dk/sport/fodbold/dansk_fodbold/superligaen/lyngby/kaos-foer-lukketid-kun-dette-kan-redde-lyngby/7026677 The most interesting part is that quote Keith Wyness made about Villa wanting to strengenth their profile in Europe. And it altso says that the deadline for the clubs (Lyngby) survival is today at 23.59
  4. According to a danish football page, Aston Villa is interested in buying the danish soccer team Lyngby, who is playing in the best Danish league. Lyngby is in poor economy state, and have until tonight at 23.59 to find the finances to pay they players wages. So they are desperate to find a new investor, which could be Villa. Brighton where close to buying them earlier this month, but decided not to. https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/avis-aston-villa-er-interesseret-i-lyngby/ Link to the danish page about it :), Its in danish, so good luck with google translate
  5. Stephen Ireland and Shay Given, has been released from Stoke new GK and AM on the way
  6. He has a great mind to.. would bring some fighting spirit to the team
  7. with have just bought 3 new midtfield players... and the tactic is... 10 in def and long balls to the 1 attacker have outside our own box
  8. Am i the only one who is a bid worried about the impact, of the constant changing of the squad will have? I mean, the entire team is made of new players, who needs to settle, with no “old” players to make them feel home. I am a bid scared that none of the new players are willing to fight for the team, the same way a player who is villa at hart would be… you got Baker and Graelish who are born and breed villa (first 11 + subs)
  9. Danish media is talking about Nicklas Bendtners future... They say he wants to get back to England... Wolverhampton, QPR, Ipswich, Fulham and Villa, are mentioned as possible destinations... The article is from at not so trustworthy news paper in Denmark I think its funny to post, because it will scare you
  10. Don't underestimate the wispers Looks like the James Chester one is true ..
  11. He looks like he doesn't give a f... :S
  12. Looks like he is staying According to a danish football site, there are a lot of interest in him from other clubs. But it looks like he is staying, says his agent Nikola Juric. - There are interests from other clubs, but the most interesting is Aston Villa. Di Matteo wanted Jores when he was manager in Chelsea, and Jores where in FC Nordsjælland. Basically that’s what it says J Link http://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/okore-ser-ud-til-at-blive-i-villa/
  13. Tonev gets a chance... But Gil don't :\????
  14. I have followed him since he started in Ajax... And I still thing he can become a good player for us... (personal opinion)
  15. He has gottan a lot of games bouth for the danish national team and ajax, where he is vice-captian… He has problems with injuries... Like Lexicon says ”quite good at attacking but can't really defend” but personally, i think he would become a great player for us…. He has one year left on the contract, and he has said that he wants to go now, so Ajax can get some cash out of him :J
  16. According to Ekstra Bladet (Danish newspaper) Aston Villa have a made a 15 mil (Danish kroner) bid on Nicolai Boilsen… but according to Duch newpapers Ajax wants 20 mil (Danish kroner) Ekstra Bladet have talked to his agent Kenny Boilsen, who says that he can’t commented on it, they just have to wait.... He has one year left on his contract in Ajax Link http://ekstrabladet.dk/sport/fodbold/udenlandsk_fodbold/engelsk_fodbold/PremierLeague/aston-villa-byder-paa-boilesen/5628126
  17. Should aim for a younger keeper. Kasper Schmeichel
  18. Rumors in Denmark is that Helenius wants to go back to Aab... And they want him to either on loan or as a signing... The only thing in the way is the price AV wants.. they are still haggling about the price
  19. Danish football site is reporting it happening Basicly says his agent Tom Brooks is in close negotiations with Aston Villa If PL can handle his ego, he can become a great player for us... But i wonder if he is sub for Beneteke or maybe his gonna play with 2 big guys up front and start playing Wimbledon style of football, with defenders aiming long passes for the box http://www.bold.dk/nyt/avis-bendtner-taet-paa-aston-villa
  20. Here it is people! The signing we alle have been hoping for! One of the top 3 strikers of the world (sarcasm) has now been linked to Aston Villa Danish newspaper says that Villa has gone into the battle to sign Bendtner on a free transfer.. They also say that Helenius is on his way to his old club AAB on a loan http://ekstrabladet.dk/sport/fodbold/udenlandsk_fodbold/engelsk_fodbold/PremierLeague/article2302222.ece TBH i think he would be a really good signing... if he stops being a dumbass and focuses on football... He can do a really good job for us!
  21. I just don’t understand why Lambert keeps giving this guy 90 minutes! First of all... He looks like a guy who doesn’t care if they win or lose! When the opponents (Newcastle) is running up the pitch, he is only running at about 50 % and therefore never getting back to defend, leaving a gigantic gap for the others to fill out In the attack... every time he gets the ball! He does a 90 degree turn and walks towards Bacuna with the ball Why not use Albrighton instead who for the last couple of matches has done great as a sub... Am i the only one who sees it this way?:S
  22. agree He seems like the type of player who can keep the team cool under pressure... and looks very stabil on the pitch
  23. I became a Villa fan when I started playing Championship manager 2 (95) version… I remember picking Villa because they had a guy from Trinidad & Tobago (York) and a Australian GK (Bosnich) and from that day on I was hooked on Villa… It’s lonely at times as a Danish villa fan… Most Danish football fans are glory hunters! I am often the only Villa fan at the sports bars…! I remember a few years ago when Villa played Man U (2-2)… the time when villa was ahead 2-0 and the pub where completely quiet! Exempt for me, who was having a blast and telling them how they sucked…. And when man u got the 2-2 goal the whole bar was screaming and “pointing” at me, while my whole world where crashing.. I could really had used some backup
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