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  1. New Zeal & Ardor song just released
  2. Oh it is, and I definitely want to check out more but that Horndal track is absolutely killer. Edit: should have said that liked both enough to buy both albums.
  3. Whilst the Pupil Slicer is good (thanks @GarethRDR), this is great. Reminds me a lot of High on Fire as well. Thank you!
  4. 5/10 minutes at the end isn’t going to tire him. The applaud him and JPB got when the team was announced clearly shows the fans are already behind the 2. Suspect we will see them play a little.
  5. Good to be back. It’s been a long time
  6. Oh definitely. I hadn’t either but just had to buy this after watching the documentary, sounds really good!
  7. Well that is a bit sh*t. How many money was the quiz bringing the pub with extra people? Seems very short sighted and a shame. Surely they could find another pub to do it in?
  8. Couldn't get L5 as forgot that they went on sale as 12! Got K6 though, just pleased to be there.
  9. Had it on Thursday and only had a sore arm. Still a little sore today but nothing serious. You’ve got nothing to worry about.
  10. I hope the villa top isn’t being used as a tea towel!
  11. 25 - pretty damn happy with that! Although you might need to amend question 3 response (right actual answer, wrong letter )
  12. How did I do? I hope I got at least 17...
  13. Got one too. Cannot wait. It has been far, far too long.
  14. Welcome to your new favourite band
  15. It was an odd one that is for sure. I ended up researching all about the commedia dell'arte thing it was based on and after that it made a hell of a lot more sense. Like in the show itself said, its a drama teacher's wet dream. Was perhaps a little too clever for itself but had more a ring of the Zanzibar episode rather than others. Won't be one of my favourites by any stretch of the imagination but was alright. Also listened to the Inside Inside No 9 podcast and that explains that during lockdown last year they wrote series 7 and they ended up filming the more "COVID friendly" (i.e. smaller cast sizes) episodes and this one was initially designed for series 7. They confirmed that this season consists of 2 "series 6" and 4 "series 7" episodes.
  16. Jab 1 done, was given Pfizer
  17. GP I’m afraid but suspect it won’t be long nationally now 38/39 year olds can book.
  18. And I've now just managed to book my vaccine for tomorrow as well, a young whippersnapper at 35
  19. What I don't get, is how people can suggest Coldplay is "music". There is a stronger argument that fish and gravy is a tasty and delicious combination.
  20. Nah GP sent a link, not sure if it links direct to the website though.
  21. My OH who’s 37 has just got a text from her GP to say she can book and she managed to get in for tomorrow. Hopefully you shouldn’t have any problems getting an appointment. Will be nice to finally get it done. It’s felt that the last couple of weeks have dragged waiting for the next group.
  22. King Gizzard have announced album no 2 of 2021 - "Butterfly 3000" to be released in June. I suspect it is a cover of Crazy Town's hit single...
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