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  1. New Employed To Serve A touch more accessible to what released before. More "metal" than "hardcore" IMO. Not too bad to be honest.
  2. Updated to include Poland and Curacao and remove Hungary
  3. Odd that they are different dates but clearly suggest he played for Villa 1991/2.The AVFC history one has appearance stats as well - probably more reliable than wikipedia (shocking I know!).
  4. He sure did https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2016/06/06/ayew-and-gana-qualify-for-afcon-2017/ I think that covers the fact that Beye didn't play whilst at Villa (surprised by that one to be honest!). Thanks @Teale's 'tache - that is insane! I saw what you did with Six (thank you) but surprised also by Kiraly. Had forgot to add Curacao as well (kept meaning to go back to it as needed to Zoom). You sure about Dariusz Kubicki? I had him joining Villa in 1992 according to Wikipedia?
  5. You should give Halfords book a read. He describes such fear of being outed but he puts in A LOT of gay references in Judas Priest songs. I think probably in the 70s/80s there was a lot more stigma like in the rest of society but it is genuinely more open today. Whilst they are in the minority, there are a number of gay/transgender/non-binary artists in the metal world (Cynic, Life of Agony, Halestorm, Ghaal, Against Me!, Faith No More [keyboardist is gay], Vile Creature). Priest are definitely the evidence of that, the most popular they have been since their 80s peak easily and still going strong. Whilst support Ozzy in the UK, about to do a US tour with good sized venues. Generally most metalheads are very accepting and so long as they rock, they don't care.
  6. I know colours are not quite right but wanted to just get something visual done
  7. Going through that list posted I;'ve looked at these:- Balaban - Croatia definitely played whilst at Villa Carbone - Italy? No, never full international Cuellar - Spain? Never capped. Cissokho - France? No. 1 cap before joined Villa. Ginola - France? No. Last cap was in 1995. Kubicki - Poland? No. LAst cap in 1991. Joined Villa 1992 Milosevic - Serbia? No. Was still Yugoslavia at the time. Does that still count? N'Zogbia - France? Don't think so. He has 2 caps the last being in June 2011 and he didn't join Villa until July 2011. Samba - Congo (not DR Congo). No. Last cap 2013 and didn't join Villa until 2017. Six - France? Not sure. Last cap was 1984 and was at Villa 1984-5 so could have been but not sure at a quick glance. Sylla - Guinea? Sylla - Mali? Yes. Played from 2013 - 2015 for Villa and was called up to Mali during this time. I've done a map of a "so far" which once I reduce file size I will post.
  8. Went to see it in the cinema last night and have to say felt all over the place and to be honest pretty forgetful already and a lot of pointless bits to it. At least this one didn't have Jared Leto in it. Was nice to be in the cinema though and devouring a tonne of popcorn again!
  9. I've gone for Martinez, Buendia & Watkins for now. I don't think that 0.5m is that much, given he is going to be (hopefully) getting a lot of points - there are a lot of other options in the rest of the positions and quite happy to more or less leave him there for most of the season, barring injury/poor form. Bailey is unlikely to start Watford as not even joined up with the team yet. I suspect Watkins will start Watford so more likely to get points but definitely got an eye Ings as well. No Man City players this year - tired of Pep rotation.
  10. 1million a week seems to get him so we could get him on a 100 day contract at the very least
  11. I know we've joked about Messi coming to Villa but if this is the mentality, let him go to PSG and earn stupid money. I am still of the view let the Super League happen and let those clubs disappear up their own backsides - football will be better for it.
  12. The fact that Barca thinks it can try and persuade the league for them to break the rules just shows how broken the game is at the top. Horrendously mismanaged and their plan to sort it out is to throw more money on 1 player. Messi wants to stay. Well if he was that keen to stay why doesn't he take a bigger pay cut?
  13. Seriously though I think we could push that given the squad bow but it remains untested at the moment, hence optimistic rather than very optimistic
  14. It's been 17 hours since we announced Ings, come on Villa where's the next one?!
  15. I've just looked at that article, I should have known better but what a complete waste of time. It is a mere suggestion that the Ings signing "may" pave the way for Watkins to join Liverpool. Utter tripe is an understatement. People actually get paid to write this stuff?
  16. cyrusr

    General Chat

    Well if you had just spilled the beans to VT instead of Ty... Seriously though, off topic is far saner, even with gravy loving mods. I'm just annoyed I've got sucked into it as well. With Japan not been myself but I would absolutely love to. To me it just seems an amazing country where in just a few hours you can move from one of the most modern and busy cities to somewhere completely historical and serene. Complete dichotomy of a country. Think it will be somewhere to travel to as part of a big trip.
  17. Its weird, with Ings and Ashley Young, we have signed 2 players in positions where in the 1st team they are pretty solid choices in front of them (Watkins & Targett); however neither of them will be satisfied with simply warming the bench. We have massively improved the squad this summer and there are real options on the bench finally. It is also really logical for these signings to be made to allow the youth players a real chance to develop. This is definitely one of those signings that could be a complete masterstroke. And to think, the window is far from over...
  18. So if we go 4-3-3 we potentially have as a squad (? Potentially leaving): Martinez/Steer/Sinsalo/(new signing?) Cash/Guilbert - Konsa/(new signing) - Mings/Hause - Targett/A Young McGinn/Sanson/Luiz/Nakamba/Ramsey/Chukwuemeka/(new signing)/Hourihane(?) Bailey/Traore/Philogene-Bidace - Watkins/Ings/Wesley(?)/Davis(?)/B Young - Buendia/El Ghazi(?)/Barry Thats easily a massive step up from last season already even without the new signings (although I would at least want 1 more CB as having 3 makes me uneasy. I know we have Swinkels and Bogarde in the youth team but I don’t think they are quite ready yet).
  19. Sort of but they have their more "defined positions". For us Watkins will still remain the option at the top but we know he is very apt on either wing as well. It will give us that versatility.
  20. I thought the Daily Heil was saying that it was to be completed today?
  21. I suspect the reality will be that they will be interchangeable with Bailey/Buendia switching flanks and when Watkins grabs the ball out wide they will be running into the box. I really suspect they will be a front 3 a la Mane/Firmino/Salah at Liverpool. Our own BBW
  22. I think the whole team will really benefit from having multiple options moving the ball in front of them. The team is definitely better than last season with or without Grealish so I suspect the push for Europe will be made. McGinn is defiantly going to be one of those that will hopefully step up after a couple of decent seasons.
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