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  1. Covid: No plans for October lockdown, says government So, when does everyone think that the u-turn will occur?
  2. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    The true impact of the Trump presidency is now really taking effect. Whilst Trump was pretty much all bluster, the appointment of all the Judges has meant that these sort of decisions are likely to come think and fast and will take decades to sort out. I still can’t get my head around how the US is meant to be one of the most modern societies yet can be completely backwards at the same time.
  3. Apparently he has the same name as the player in "Goal!" film............. I'm not sure they realise that the film is actually fiction....
  4. Given that they normally have tent recycling points as well, it is people just being too lazy/hung over/high to take down the tent and take it home. I did just have a look at the line up as a curiosity, and wow that is woeful. Its not even an Indie/Alternative festival - noticed that there is no 2nd stage tent anymore and they just have a 2nd main stage but probably worse is that the 3rd stage (Festival Republic) is now just 1 day and in rotation with the "rock/punk" stages (which are pretty poor as well).
  5. This, also not my thing but I certainly know who he is and how much influential he was. Sorry guys
  6. It wasn’t that boring - you have a genuine problem and a complete d*** of a relative from the sounds of it! It should piss you off so actually maybe off topic for this thread, but I read it late last night and was going to respond this morning as I would have made more sense. In short given you grandfather transferred the title deeds, probably not a lot I’m afraid. Whilst he may be frail it sounds like he is a pretty sound mind so able to make decisions himself and therefore unlikely to say that the transfer is illegal. with that you will need to see what happened during the process and ensure that your grandfather was OK with it. Did the legal representative check with him about why he was doing it or did they do the transfer without legal? Whilst I think it sounds like he would have at least wanted to create some sort of trust to ensure the family had use of it, that should have been written into the transfer/title deed to prevent future sale (and to be fair maybe limit other use such as AirBnB). There maybe possible injunctions you can get to prevent sales etc. but I am not a property solicitor so can’t say whether you have a case or not and the legal groundings of it. I would definitely speak to a solicitor who specialises in property disputes. They will usually do either a free 20 minute consultation or a fee of around £50-100 + VAT but it sounds like your only way to stop the actions is through litigation sadly. Whether you have a case or not, your grandfather needs proper legal advice. I hope that helps in some way anyway!
  7. Actually he scored in the EFL Trophy for us (Tranmere game 2019/20) and so therefore he has actually now beaten McCormack's tally...
  8. Ex-Trouble singer Eric Wagner died of COVID. 62 years old. Somewhat underrated doom band, Psalm 9 is a cracker of an album.
  9. Devin Townsend’s “Half Way There” came with a CD of acoustic songs but there was a version you could get with a cassette of really old demos (along with MP3 code) but that was over £100 IIRC.
  10. cyrusr

    General Chat

    And me! Im sure ideas that the sons band has got a number 1 song/album. Bono had probably bought all of the stock to get it there.
  11. And new Rolo Tomassi song released today having signed for eOne Heavy
  12. That is quite an ominous read. Needs soaks verification/proper testing but it seems sadly the vaccines long term efficiency is not as good as we would hope. Hopefully the longer gap in jabs will improve the long term effect but still I don’t see our government doing much until it’s too late.
  13. Bob Dylan accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old in 1965 Don't know that much about Dylan to really know whether there would be any truth to this or not, but know there are 1 or 2 fans on here of his work...
  14. Still think Sabbath missed a massive trick not playing their final show at Villa Park to be honest but there we are! This has probably been the best gig announced at Villa Park to date, although the competition is not high with Bon Jovi and Take That...
  15. Whilst I am very glad to see him back and I think he is a fantastic player, I just hope he has had enough of a break.
  16. The one in blue is readying herself for a good roundhouse kick; proper straight edge kid!
  17. Masters favourite for me too, but I can understand why others will say Ride the Lightning or Kill ‘Em All - both great choices. I go through phases of preferring them but Masters is the pinnacle. anybody or says something different to those 3 is just wrong. Whilst some will say the Black Album, sure it’s got good tracks on it but it’s got some right rubbish as well. Hence the need to play it backwards when they do the full album set. Reign in Blood is crazy good don’t get me wrong, but I just prefer Masters. I’m sure the world is big enough for both though
  18. This. Everyone else has been announced so odd that he hasn’t. Maybe waiting for a number from another player with 9 being the key one (possibly 14 though with Hourihane if he is heading off). Suspect he won’t be up to speed enough to be involved on Saturday but hopefully will be involved ASAP.
  19. Agree with this. For me if Mings wants the job he has more than earned it and is an exemplary choice. A model footballer and human being. However if he doesn’t want that extra pressure, then I understand. It is completely his choice.
  20. Yeah not a massive eBay fan either. Not sure about say walking into Swordfish etc. And getting a quote but with Discogs you could go in at least with a decent rough valuation to make sure they aren’t going to take the piss with you, though you won’t get full value. Might be a good option and then you’ll know that it’ll be resold to another music fan at least and also supporting independents. Alternatively if you pitch it at £35-40 I can see it shifting relatively quickly - just depends on whether those wanting it have already bought or not. There’s also a collection/wanted numbers. At the moment there’s 418 that want that vinyl vs 409 that have got it. When it’s on a want list, when something new comes in it’ll be on an email list to them which is sent every day with various items from their list. Just relies on people bothering to check their emails!
  21. Not sold anything but if you look at the items it’ll give you a guide price as to what they have been sold for and when they were last sold. So for example, What a Waster, I presume is the official one from Rough Trade, it last sold on 5 July 2021 for £40.00 which was “near mint”. At the moment there are 3 copies for sale as well. For those sort of prices though I think discogs is going to be a good shout. Where else were you thinking, eBay? What you also have to consider is potential shipping costs and how much you want to charge for that. I recall when bought from some sellers on there some have had a real problem with the new(ish) set up for sellers which sets your rates for different countries. I think you could limit to UK/EU only but obviously will reduce your market.
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