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  1. Oh f@@k off. I read more than post but that post is just a crass, stupid and an idiotic thing to say. To dismiss a tragic event because of another is childish and cruel. Liverpool fans died. 96 of them. Because we (football fans) were dehumanised, labelled as trouble makers and treated like shit. At every point the authorities (Police) could have prevented death. How, not limit thousands to a handful of entry points. Put man power in place to police and keep the crowd from creating a swell outside the ground. Close off the most obvious route into the terrace- and because of the failings of outside crowd control- most would be rushing into that tunnel to get a good spot to watch the match. Remember, they did not know they were heading towards an overcrowded pen. Once the Police saw the tradegy on CCTV and first hand they should have acted to limit the tragedy. They did not. It was then not a time to cover their own mistakes, but to admit them, and try to serve and protect, that is what they are employed to do. Instead they questioed football fans, who had lost family members and friends, like they were suspects. In their panic, they put the blame onto the victim. Any Villa fan who went to games back in the day and are as old as I am (mid 40s) will know that it could have been us.
  2. It is snowing alot in Digbeth and with freezing temperatures it will make side roads near the Sty a nightmare.
  3. independent have a piece on this:- http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/houllier-may-team-up-with-macdonald-2069513.html
  4. There is no way the Mirror patch work management thing will happen. Its made up, like most Mirror stuff, cobbled together from internet websites. If you look at all the good sources and informaton it all points to Houllier as Manager and K Mac as coach. And that is what I think we will have come the Stoke game.
  5. He is the only one the bookies know will get an interview so he will be favourite unless like yesterday lots of money is thrown on another candidate or if something is leaked. It might end up being him, or any of the other shortlisted managers. The frustration is that we have no clue as to who else is being considered.
  6. And in Sunderland rumours... http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=510745 ...that Heskey is on his way 'op north...
  7. We are a club run on a more or less American model. Given the tendency of American management to pay itself more, it's not out of the question that Villa's administrative pay (especially given the posts that our executive corps held prior to the Villa) is 10m a year more than Spurs. Well none of the directors are paid by the club, and I can't think of anybody else that high powered. The Financial Controller's job was advertised a while ago, which would be one of the best paid jobs at the club, and that was only £80K a year. edit: even if the Villa admin team were paid £10m between them (which they won't), the Spurs admin set up would all have to work for nowt for the football wages to even be the same. Risso, do you actually go to Villa Park? That is not having a go if you do not- but I am just interested...?
  8. Spurs wage bill lower than ours? Yeah, now I know you're talking rubbish. I was about to say that- Spurs wage bill is surely higher than ours?!
  9. A Young, Delph, Milner, Young Bard, Fonz, Gabby are (hopefully) the future of Villa. Breaking into the top few places in this division was always going to be very hard, give it more time with a manager who has passion and an eye for young talent. We have waited a long time to challenge at the top- I just feel that we will get there faster by keeping MON than getting rid of him. If you get rid of a manager then you need to have a better one to replace him otherwise you shoot yourself in the foot. Right now I do not think we could find a better manager. And I really think a long term manager in place like MON will be a good thing. We are going to wembley at least twice this season, Spurs are the only team with a gap between us and 4th and their run in is not good for them. Whatever we all think we will have MON in charge until the end of this season so lets get behind the team, keep negativity away from the match, and not lose faith, if we do can we blame the players if they do? We might yet win the FA Cup and finish in the top 4. Not many clubs can say that. UTV
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